There were two very interesting discussions at school today.

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One was in APUSH and one was in psychology. Well, the APUSH one wasn't much of a discussion, but rather Mrs. History Teacher saying some interesting things. You know, I am not sure if I hate her anymore. I mean, when I had her as a sophomore she was totally awful to me, but I think she has warmed up to me a little and is way less irritating. Maybe? She doesn't insult me anymore for being an atheist. 

The other day I had a short one-on-one conversation with her. She wondered why I had decided to be an office monitor during sixth period, and I said I didn't have a study hall pass because of pre-cal and chemistry but didn't want to be in a study hall filled with freshmen. I can't tell if she complimented or insulted me, because she said I was "one of the brightest students in the junior class" and that she enjoyed having me in her APUSH class, but then she basically called me completely terrible at math and chemistry, which isn't exactly a lie.

So, in class today, we were discussing 1800s Mormon settlements in the American West. (You know, I had a Mormon friend in elementary and early middle school. She moved away when we were 13, and she was constantly being a total asshole to me by then because I didn't believe the same things as her. Her family was sooooo nice, though, so I think she was just a bitch.) As I am sure most people know, back in the 1800s, Mormons practiced polygamy, and mainstream society was against it. 

Mrs. History Teacher compared it to the modern issue of same-sex marriage. At first, I was all like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING, but then I could sort of see where she was going with it. I don't think she worded it quite right, though. I thought she was comparing the two actual things, but she was actually just comparing how people were/are persecuted.

But then she just started thinking out loud, like she always does. "I don't know if I support same-sex marriage or not," she said. "I want to. I mean, a spousal relationship is wonderful, and it seems horrible to deny it to someone just because they aren't attracted to the opposite sex. But... I just don't know if I support it or not."

What kind of statement is that!? It sounds like she supports it but is scared of what her church will think, or something like that. Huh. Well, in any case, I guess she is a little more tolerant than she seems.

So, anyway, in psychology today, we discussed religions and why people have beliefs in higher powers and stuff like that. The teacher randomly called on people and asked why they believed the way they did. Most people said stuff like, "Because my parents taught me that way." But soon, he called on me, and I told everyone how I was an atheist. I was a little scared at first because I only have, like, two friends in there and just know everyone else's names. But no one was an asshole to me. In fact, most everyone was really positive, and this Catholic girl kept asking me questions about atheism. It was really nice. 

Naturally, there was one person in the class who just didn't understand, though. Immature Dude. Ughhh. He kept trying to argue that atheism is a religion that believes in believing in nothing (?), and I kept trying to say I simply have a lack of belief in any gods or afterlife or any such thing like that. He just could not grasp this. I tried to explain that I don't "believe *in* nothing," but rather just LACK a belief. So the teacher tried to explain it to him. It did not work, and he eventually somehow decided that being a person is a religion. I don't think I like him very much; he makes my brain hurt...


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where teachers are weird, the teachers that used to discriminate against you, made everyone say there religion, talked about her own beliefs & political views is a crime here not a warning crime losing the ability to teach & a fine but if the teachers being aggressive about it is jail time

American schools are weird...

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Teachers can kind of just do

Teachers can kind of just do whatever at my school. It is a private school, but not a church school or Christian school or anything. It was formed because the schools in my town are dangerous and not really very good quality since I live in a poor state. There is nothing really different about it than a normal school, except that it costs a little to attend... Not a lot, though. Oh, and there is the whole if the teacher has been there long enough, they can do whatever they want and not get punished thing. Seriously, I bet some of them could beat up a kid and not even get fired.

I am seriously not even exaggerating. Like, really. People in power generally just turn a blind eye to it, or even try to make the student look like the bad guy. Like I mentioned, I work in the office to get out of study hall, and today I heard one being outright mean to a guy, and when he went to the principal he was just told to shut up and take it. Just... Fuck this school.

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dam that sucks

but if it gets really bad i think someone would report the school to some higher governmental department

about paying to go to school that sucks i forget that in scotland every form of helpful government is really free i mean the NHS does have a bad rap but i like it but really school hell some schools pay seniors for staying on and we get free college (only if your born and raised Scottish) too bad i can't get in :(

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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It sounds like Mrs. History Teacher

is stuggling with that whole 'othering' thing. This seems to happen a lot, especially with gay rights- When thinking about it in terms of an individual, it seems like yeah, of course they should get married! It would be awful to deny anyone that chance! But then when Mrs. History Teacher thinks about 'the gays' in general, and is thinking 'Should there be same-sex marriages?' it seems so much more foreign. That whole concept- the thinking in terms of 'them' instead of applying it to a specific person's life- seems to be the root of a lot of discrimination.

Just thinking.


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Yeah, I know a lot of people

Yeah, I know a lot of people with that line of thought.