they should stop

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my little 12 year old sister keeps asking for sex tips & techniques, dear god its consistent its not just once or twice its everyday now sometimes a couple of times a day, she tried to hack my laptop to she if she could find some.

my brother's asking pointless and random questions to see if ill be a good babysitter how does peeing in the shower make me a good or bad babysitter.

and constantly future sisters in law are coming into our house.

and worst of all AJ is going on a family holiday for 2 weeks in 3 days :'(


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Doesn't surprise me.

Your sister probably gets the strong sexual appetite from you. Maybe set a better example, eh?

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i try to set an example around her

i honestly try my best around her but she seems to get around somehow & all the times shes caught us in bed didn't help

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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your "example" seems to be "have sex for six hours a day and every night" = a relationship... Considering you literally can't stop talking about it on here even if she's "left" she still had to see it every day. And walk into it. You're her #1 role model, so I would suggest being more responisble.

And honestly? I like sex too. Yeah. I have sex with my boyfriend all the time and it's great... But I don't like to brag about it, or make it known to more than a few people... That's not what I love about him, and that's not the bulk of our relationship news.
That's redick!

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1. we only have sex that long a few times a year
2. we do more than have sex just because its a large part of our relationship doesn't mean that is our whole relationship a majority of our relationship isn't based on sex
3. the times she walked in on us was our first say "attempts" at it before the addiction
4. its extremely hard to be a role model it looks a million times easier than it looks
5. its part of mine & AJ's Personality to brag im a bragger, AJ's a bit of a bragger
6. sex isn't the bulk of our relationship news

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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If you ask me,

she probably gets the ideas from reading your journals on here. Sometimes it's best to one's keep personal life and family life seperated. Just like one is never to mix business and pleasure.

- "Food for to be eating" lol

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shes left oasis

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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i dont see....

what the issues are by chance. surley if she has a stong sexual apetite, your best course of action is to teach her about how to
A. have safe sex always
B. have fun and enjoyable sex. if shes asking, answer

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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To which I'll add:

C. it must be willingly accepted (no force!) and enjoyed equally by both