Well well, another brief absence

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So anyway, about exactly 1 week ago, my shitty laptop shitted out on me again.
Which it also did about 6 months before that.
We fixed it that time, but decided to not bother this time, and instead got me a much more competent laptop. This one has the feel of quality.
Or at least more quality than that shitty piece of shit. It's certainly more solid.

The last one was a Dell. I've never heard good things about Dells... And it was at the lower end of the spectrum anyway. This one is a more mid-range Samsung.

Anyway, news, anything interesting.
Not much, really.
This week has been kinda just shitty shitty fucking ass shit semester ending week. I mean, the semester ends this Friday, but I guess the teachers decided we'd like the fun a week early. I had ballsass homework, and stayed up late every night doing shit.
As well, swimming also ends this Friday, if I don't end up going to Districts.
Frankly, I hope he doesn't choose me for Districts, because I'm getting balls tired of swimming, and of that coach. I'm guessing he won't. I sure hope not.

Life's been, meh. I've been feeling pretty negative all week, briefly positive a few times.
I might write about my thoughts and happiness levels later...

But, one more thing, I found on On Demand this incredible documentary by National Geographic, called Drugs, Inc. Not just one actually, there's a bunch.
But one of the most incredible was this guy on the one about crack, and he was just this guy who was 40, and had started smoking crack at 15, meaning 25 years of crack smoking. And his life consisted of getting up, smoking some crack, going off to find some way to make money, whether odd jobs or stealing or whatever, (while smoking weed to tide him over until he can smoke crack again), going back home to his dingy ass girlfriend in his apartment, calling his dealer to get more crack, and then settling down to a nice evening of smoking crack.
Or a prostitute whose life consisted of smoking crack and injecting heroin all day in her hotel room, then going out into the streets at night to go sell her body enough times to buy more crack and heroin.

And not only that, these people didn't really seem too depressed about their lot in life. The guy was just like "yeah, I know it's addictive and bad for me, but even if I could stop, I don't think I would" and the prostitute was like "If I could stop, I probably wouldn't, I'd just try to manage my habits".

But that just seems like such an unfulfilling life to me... Like I really don't understand how anyone could have their entire life be just drugs, and getting money to buy drugs. Somehow.
And also, I really, really, don't understand, it really just amazes me, that not only are drugs illegal, but that's like popular, supported by most people, making drugs illegal. I'm like, look at this prostitute. Do you really think that what she needs is to be put in jail? Will that really help anyone?
And to say that drugs are her problem would be insane. Obviously, she has many, many problems that go back a long way, drugs are more just the result of that.

I dunno, people are dicks.
Anyway, see ya guys.


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Drugs: A major scourge on U.S. society!

Arresting addicts and imprisoning them solves nothing. In fact... it is terribly counter-productive!

If a non-addict is apprehended under the influence in public, a fine (according to number of previous such arrests) should be imposed... plus required attendance to a drug-education program. Jailing a non-addict is nothing but punitive; a benefit neither to the individual nor to society.

Addicts should be committed to a rehabilitation program... expenses covered by the addict, if capable.

The logic behind legalizing some drugs is that it would make drug trafficking unprofitable to the cartels (and, hence, eliminate drug wars... hopefully). Also... legalization stands the chance of actually driving down use/addictions. Dunno...

Whatever is done... imprisonment is a stupid, stupid, no-brainer!!! It's nothing more than an extremely expensive means of satiating society's desire for vindictiveness!


Oh... Welcome back!

And... do write that essay on your "thoughts and happiness levels."

No mention of CAG... An intentional avoidance? Hope not...