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a.All of my hatred is self hatred. I just focus some of it on others. I hate their flaws, but only the ones that are also my flaws.
b. Congrats Dave. You mastered an elementary idea in Jungian psychology.
c. "Jungian" is my favorite psychology-related adjective.

a. I could be having fun, but instead I am bemoaning old friendships and writing angst journals.
b. Why don't you just forget it and have fun then?
c. I will--once I finish this journal.

a. What exactly do you do when you feel guilty about enacting revenge? I mean, they wronged you first; they did something wrong.
c. So did you. So how do you apologize for what you did wrong without making it seem like what they did was okay?
b. Don't worry about it. Just say you are sorry and maybe you will feel less guilty.
d. But I don't want to.
h. Jesus, learn the fucking alphabet.

a. I make all my problems, and it is up to me to solve them.
b. Then get working on that, you lazy fuck.
c. idon'twanna

Journal? Completed
Homework? Not yet.
Books Ordered? I'm doing that tomorrow.
Workout Routine? Haven't had time.
Weekly Drawing? Jesus, SHUT UP.

I just told the son of got to shut up. Yippee.

I should probably work on that "making sense" thing. Isn't communication the point of writing?


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that was

rly confusing-Helen was here :P love u :)
love is my only drug <3

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This is

an accurate observation.

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Ah, number 3 is something I

Ah, number 3 is something I always struggle with, but only when it's someone close to me. If someone I don't know or don't like wrongs me I have no problem returning the favor, but when it's a friend or someone like that, then the moral dilemma begins.

Actually, all four of these are things I sometimes struggle with. Your little conversations with yourself are amusing and very relatable. Oh, the arguments I have with myself in my head sometimes...But seriously, all of these are things you should try to work on.

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I have problems with guilt always. Guilt is fickle, and I wish it would go away.

And I do try to work on these faults. For me, the first step is to write about them.

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If only all outlines were

If only all outlines were this interesting..
Yeah, communication can be the point of writing, but we all communicate in our own ways. Anyway, clarity can be boring at times.

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Ah... Clarity!

And... in pursuit of this dictum, I strive not to be boring :)

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I can only hope

...that I am communicating what I want to. I feel like half of the evaluations made about journals are about the writer and not the content.

I agree, clarity can be boring. I think most necessary things usually are.