What the Hell is Her Problem?

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do any of you have that bitchy Friend or ex friend who does it purposely just to piss people off well we used to be her friend she became a bitch & sort of brought us all down a bit we all stopped being her friend now shes all resentful & pissed she constantly Mocked us, Physically Fought us & Tormented us to no end.

me & six of my friends randomly ran into us she actually came up to us purposely and said
Looks at me first and says "if it aint the Rainbow Dyke the Carpet Eater"
looks at Racheal "oh boo hoo its the Girly Diva stop the presses shes a twat"
looks at Rosie " the party slut!, wheres your drink? you slag"
looks at Hope "the bitch who can't fucking swim how the hell are you allowed to teach!"
Looks at Kirsty "you too easy you, get a fucking life"
Looks at Kookie "now the illiterate Farm girl, whens the next potato harvest you prick" (reads more than me)
Looks at Ashley "calm the fucking shy crap everyone knows your the biggest slut here, how many guys did you fuck last night?, oh and fuck off with the at least you knew your parents shite ok you parents left you because they knew you'd be a slut!" (Ashley's a Virgin)
"and wheres the other muff muncher? or did you tell her to fuck of as well"

wow she randomly came up to us and said this what the hell's her problem

especially her insulting Ashley why? she never knew her parents why? when her mother was pregnant her dad fled to america after she was born her mother killed herself that's too far

dam Mercedes dam her to hell


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Yeah! Dam her!

Plug that bitch up!
That's redick!

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there were plans....

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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I'm assuming with human protoplasm? Or, maybe something artificial?

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It's okay Shelby.

I got the joke, unlike other people XD

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That's redick!

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If that had continued...

...fisticuffs most certainly! :)

You do have very "affectionate" friends!

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*Is impressed with Elphs use

*Is impressed with Elphs use of the word 'fisticuffs'* I haven't seen many people smart egough to know and put that one into a conversation.

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shes the only bich

everyone else is quite affectionate friends

there was almost a fight

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies