Where i get mistaken for a guy for the 1,000,000,000,000th time

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literally ever since the 1st day of school up till now, literally i remember it,

the teacher wanted to get to know everyone's name so she asked all the boys & girls into 2 groups. so naturally i went with the girls, i remember some of the girls confused with why me & Kookie we where their, and the boys were confused too why we weren't over with them.
i can understand i had short bed hair, a slightly deeper voice, physically strong & tough, Kookie was just a stereotypical farm girl, the teacher had to check and yet the files said female.

so anyway it was hilarious, me and AJ were at this bar, AJ was in the toilets, so this Bi Guy walks up to me, so he starts hitting on me, XD, i didn't tell him i was a chick, so he continues his mates know im a chick and are laughing their asses off, his mate actually started whispering in his ear, the Bi Guy said "what""no way that's a girl""Really?", he then proceeds to ask if im a women or not i say "aye" he says he goes both ways AJ comes back i ask if he gets it yet he says "get what?" and proceed to Kiss AJ, he backs off XD.

ive been confused for a guy a hell of alot. several women have actually asked me out because they thought i was a guy tell them im a girl, their faces XD priceless.

one time in like the only sunny day in Scotland, it started raining, i was wearing a thin shirt and was the only day that year i forget to wear a bra :L, don't beat me too it here, so AJ was wearing a WATER PROOF shirt so i covered the breasts that DON'T exist, people were questioning why i was hiding my chest, some people said "is that a bloke?" went into a female public bathroom got AJ's Bra which is several sizes bigger than mine, there are 13 year old's with bigger boobs than me XD, so after we came out a police officer actually tried to give me a ticket for going into a female toilet and show her my ID so i could prove i was female.

its a game now for me to see how many people i can trick XD.

so that was hilarious XD


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Wow, I've only been confused

Wow, I've only been confused for a guy once... typically when there are people that meet in the middle with the traditional looks of both genders, there are always giveaways observant people pick up on, mannerisms, speech, physical traits..but yea, wow, sounds like you get mistaken a lot. That's cool you're making it into a game though, always good to keep things interesting!

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yeah to count

39 people have hit on me (19 girls, 20 guys)
56 people have asked me if i was a guy or a chick
2 people have asked if ill be a MALE STRIPPER XD
all together 312 confused
the first time i met my friends they were confused

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Add me!

That'll raise the count up to 313!

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you thought i was a guy?

even though ive bragged about Lesbian sex? XD

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Just confused :)

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oh ok

the more you know :)

just for that ill give you the only double positive that makes a negative (its scottish) Aye......Right

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies