you know what worse then being surronded by straight poeple?

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being surronded by straight christain people, my perants in particular. im sick of listening to stupid audio sermons my dad finds online. i think he finds the most obnoxious ones just for me.

you know, i dont think i would ever have sex outside. i see no pros to it, besides maybe it being like romantic in certain settings, but i see like a 1001 cons. your dick could get cold, or a mosquito could land on your boys face right before your about to snog him, thus forcing you to risk getting mosquito in your mouth or ruining the moment, it could start to rain, the ground, even with a blanket on it, is an uncomfortable thing to lay on, much less have wild sex on, you run the risk of strangers showing up, , and i mean how are you supposed to react to strangers accidently finding you and your partner having sex? yet i hear so many people say they simple adore the idea. people are weird...

you know what? when im jerking off, if it takes less then 15 minutes then it is fun and relaxing. if it starts to got longer then that, it becomes a compitition between me and my body, fueled more out of resentment of being deprived of my properly timed orgasm then a want of pleasure anymore.

you know, i've been told by alot of people im the most sexualy accepting person they know. which is weird to me, becuase im more like nuetral towards it. you know, sex=whatever, thats nice. in my mind. you know, sex is a nice thing, it feels good, and as long as its fun and safe, sure go get some. but its kinda like eating food. eating food is nice, its a human compulsion, it can go wrong but most of the time it doesnt. i just dont freak out about how evil and immoral it is like most people in american society.

if you guys had a 16 year old friend, and she was dating a 22 year old guy(who is a really good really sweet guy), how would you feel about it?


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re: question

Not so much age (though legality may be an issue if sex enters the picture), but high school/college or, I assume, high school/"real world" is a noticeable experience gap that might cause problems. Also, the younger you are, the more age gaps matter because of all the growing up and changing that happens during your teens. So I would look at such a relationship a little cockeyed, maybe keep an eye out that the girl wasn't in over her head somehow. All that said, if you've got a fairly mature sixteen year old and a patient, well-intentioned guy, they might have a chance. I've seen working relationships with slightly older participants but double the age gap between them.

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the sex outside is more romantic and does add a bit of extra feeling

as long as 16 year old was mature & the guy was patient & helpful and stuff like that i could work

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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15 minutes is good!

I'm guessing that you probably took note of the length of swimmerguy's musical selection (below)? Judicious choice... huh?

Maybe not with your bf... but surely you've undertaken a few "practice runs" out in the wilderness? A favorite of mine was deep in a large timber across the road (not in the winter, though)... Worrying about mosquitos, ticks, and other timber denizens never crossed my singularly-focused mind :)


More seriously: I'm truly sympathetic to your plight at home. Not yet... but soon, I hope... what you're having to endure will be recognized as child abuse!

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Sex doesn't bother me.

I'm probably the only person who isn't diturbed by Lemon Party. I don't even know why. It doesn't turn me on at all, but I don't think consensual sex can be gross; it just is and I'm indifferent to it.

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I guess...

...I'm "with" you. No idea what/who the Lemon Party is or why I might be disturbed by it.

Could you elucidate?

Disagree, however, on some "consensual" sex: Some can be quite gross.

What about Marquis de Sade?

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Lemon Party:
A shock web site.

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Add me to the list!

Something stronger than REVOLTING is needed...

Please... anyone else... don't click. It's disgusting!

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You don't do very much Internet, do you Elph?

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How do you infer that?

I certainly don't spend time looking for trash like that.

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Trash? :P

That's redick!

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I'm typically indifferent to

I'm typically indifferent to age differences when both people are over 20 or so, but I wouldn't feel so great about a 16 year old dating a 22 year old.. Sure, it's natural enough. But, in today's world, she's probably going to get emotionally hurt. I hope she doesn't.

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If somebody said to me what is vulgar? i would say porn thats not poetic. Think that qualifies what I think about sex. I think "doing it" in a small canoe in a deserted lake would be the most romantic setting to be outside.

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If I could choose,

the most romantic sex would be loosing your virginity in the middle of the Sahara right before the peaceful end of days of thirst. One final moment of complete bliss. I would definitely do that.

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XD... that would be TERRIBLE SEX

There would be no lubrication, you'd both be sunburned all to shit and tired as hell, the SAND ITSELF would get stuck to your bodies and burn you/scratch you up, and there would probably not be enough water in either of your guy's body to produce spit OR semen XD
That's redick!

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That's my fetish.

Don't judge me.

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i have to agree....

having sex when you arnt comfortable in your surroundings is just an unpleasent experiance. anyhow, dying of thirst drives you ,like way to crazy to have nice, pleasent sex.

thats not to mean im judging you anymore then i judge someone who has sex with the women types. not somethng i would do or enjoy, but sure you can go all for it.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Most of what I posted was sarcasm,

but that's seriously the best outdoor setting for sex that I can think of. I know a dendrophile would disagree, but I think that sex outside would just be awful.

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its not awful its awesome

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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done that :P i do recommend it

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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I do agree with your views on sex, although I don't agree with pornography.....Although that statement was rather hypocritical of me.....

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