you'll always be mine

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my cousin Jamie's Daughter Sara has moved out and before i continue i will say that Jamie has unfix-able unstraight eyes, is a very slow learner and calls Sara her little muffin & has a speech issue people think shes mentally retarded shes not though

so she wrote a poem called: Your Always Mine

I wish i could be someone as wonderful as you
i wish i could speak clearly and make sure everyone knew
how greatly i adore you, how everything ive done
was just to give you your own moment in the sun.

i wish i could be cleverer, i wish i could be wise
i wish there was a way to fix these funny eyes.

but my fondest wish is greater, than everyone before
and that's for a bright future for the muffin i adore

so please don't cry, my dearest, don't worry about me
just be the brilliant women ive always known you'll be
the only thing i ask of you, for whom i'll always pine
please, please don't forget me, that way you'll always be mine.