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I was a tied-up faunlet,
His kisses reeking of nightshade and nothings.

"I am not good at this," he shook,
"Don't worry," I said, "I've been here before."


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(Having gone to school in french for most of my life, I am always unsure of the punctuation rules where dialogue is concerned. In this particular entry, for instance, would a period go before or after the quotation mark? If someone notices my punctuation is off, or could link me to an accurate and concise online resource, please let me know so I can correct myself!)

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First of all, pretty images.

First of all, pretty images. Yeah, punctuation marks go before the close dialogue quotation mark. "Hello." "Hello," he said. There are probably better examples in the nearest book by you.

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Actually doesn't it depend on what part of the sentence?

Like, depending on what you need it for?

"He was a man," I thought, "but he was also a beast"

"He was a man, but he was also a beast". (period)

"He was a man, but he's also a beast", I thought to myself.

But I could be wrong and fucking things up I don't know
That's redick!

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"He was a man, but he was

"He was a man, but he was also a beast". (period)

This is the one I'm really wondering about - if it's :

"He was a man, but he was also a beast". I was frightened.

Does the period go inside the quotation marks? (Bad example, but theoretically)

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Periods and commas always go inside the quotation marks.
Question marks are a little trickier.
"He was a man, but was he also a beast?" she asked.
Did you say "he was also a beast"?

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Okay, so essentially, if the

Okay, so essentially, if the sentence ends where question marks are concerned, it is outside, but if the sentence continues, it is within the quotation marks?

Thank you everyone!!

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I tend to agree!

The real problem for me is the internal punctuation! Despite suffering many courses on grammars (English and foreign)... internal punctuation has often defied my full comprehension.

I'm quite ashamed to admit that my use of punctuation remains largely idiosyncratic: I use whatever I feel is necessary to mark pauses (if spoken) and enhance clarity. This does not always meet with success... particularly if I feel the need to be somewhat cryptic...

Oh, well...

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It depends I think

If you're done with the thought, it goes after (I believe), as the quotations belong to the sentence they're a part of, and it ends after it.

If you continue the sentence, then it goes inside if the contained phrase is finished.

I'm not sure about :
I think that goes inside the quotes? But it has to have a finishing thought after it, it'd be like putting a comma and not finishing it, so I think what I said was right but I am not sure. I haven't typically seen it used in writing like that.

That's redick!

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I loved this one.