A Random String of Recent Events.

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I've dealt with an onslaught of homophobic comments that seem to have come from nowhere. Just all of the sudden BAM! Ignorance everywhere. My grandma said that she won't watch Ellen's show because of her "lifestyle choices." My little sister's friend said she hates lesbians cuz they're gross and shit. And when I went out to eat with a big group of friends (my first social outing in weeks, by the way), they were talking about my Chemistry teacher being a lesbian and homophobic comments were said. I mean damn. Why is it that all of the sudden people around me are showing intense homophobia?

I'm so excited. I picked out all of my classes for next year and they're all gonna be fun, or tolerable at the very least. Forensics, Zoology, AP Lit and Comp, Genre Studies, Journalism, Contemporary Novel Studies, AP US History, P.E, and AP Calculus II. I'm dropping German because I really cannot stand it anymore. I'm so excited for next year. My schedule is totally kick ass.

I've been looking at more colleges because I've been bombarded with emails and letters from colleges EVERYWHERE. It's annoying. All of the colleges I'm interested in are pretty expensive. Damn. The most expensive one I considered was $58,000. Um, I don't think so.

I took a survey in AP Psych and apparently, according to the results, I am an unemotional person. I don't express my feelings. Huh. Who knew. I fell 15 points below the average emotional intensity for girls.

I'm very happy, because Amber's gonna text Brittany this weekend probably and Brittany is staying in town for college, most likely. WHICH MEANS I can still get to know her, and she'll still be in town when I'm a senior, and we can totally hang out and then I'll woo her with my wit and charm and she'll fall in love with me and we'll get married and have lesbian babies :'D

Okay. Not really. But at least she'll be sticking around after graduation.

My cute little chubby friend was diagnosed with diabetes yesterday. Which is so weird, because he eats really healthy foods and he's only slightly chubby. He didn't seem too shocked or worried though. Poor little dude. He's hilarious. He's an amazing artist and he's obssessed with owls and nature. He acts like a stereotypical gay guy but everybody who's close to him swears he's completely straight.

The place I work at is so full of gossip and insanity, I cannot even. Apparently one worker was fired for having an attitude with customers and coworkers and she came storming into the restaurant, went back in the kitchen, and started screaming at all of the managers. She threatened to slash all of their tires and shit like that. Then they called the police, and they had to escort her out of the place, and now she's filing a lawsuit because they "discriminated against her." She thinks they fired her because she's black. Shit.

There just always seems to be gossip and drama there. I'm kinda glad I don't work there as much anymore. I've only made 40 dollars in the past two weeks, but hey, it'll put gas in the car.


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homophobia out of nowhere, i

homophobia out of nowhere, i know that.

when i though of collage i was thinking about going to this one collage that just like them all is £0 :) but couldn't go :(

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Why couldn't you go? I mean,

Why couldn't you go? I mean, if it didn't cost you anything, I don't see why not.

I've heard that in most countries in Europe, college is free. Like in Germany. The fact that something as big as college can be offered for free just blows my American mind. Why can't America be more like Europe? Is college free in Scotland too? :o

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Only in Scotland though,

Only in Scotland though, gone up to £9,000 in England. Which tbh still seems cheap compared to $58,000. Youch!

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Yeah. Every college that

Yeah. Every college that perks my interest has been pretty expensive. Probably because they've all been private liberal arts colleges. I really, really don't want to go to a regular state university, which is generally where all of the dumb asses go. They're too large and students aren't as educationally motivated as they are in a smaller, private college.

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i had to take care of Jenna (she would have been 9) and Matt disappeared of the face of the planet (he went hiking and went missing, he fell from a height and eventually turned up in a small town)

yes its free in Scotland but only to Scottish People for example i would pay nothing but if a English person joined they'd have to pay

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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That sucks about the

That sucks about the comments. I used to hear stuff like that allll the time, but I haven't heard much of it since I was 15. Usually if I hear a dumb comment, it's someone not believing I'm gay, or something along those lines.

I have gotten a few letters from colleges I've never even heard of. One was all the way in Vermont! I would LOVE to go somewhere in that area, but I will probably end up going to University of Tennessee, since I'm about to move to TN and all. Oh well, Knoxville is pretty.

I'm sorry about your friend! Do you know which type he has, because someone can get type one diabetes without being overweight or anything. I know several people with diabetes. My grandma has the type two, which developed due to bad eating habits and stuff, but for some reason, everyone I know who has the type one is a super fit, hot girl.

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Really, I think these random

Really, I think these random comments are fate trying to force me to get so frustrated I just shout out that I'm gay. It's bound to happen sooner or later.

I've gotten letters from Vermont, Arkansas, North Carolina, Washington, Indiana, Ohio...everywhere. I'm staying in Illinois though. There are a lot of things about this state I don't like, but...it's home, and I can't imagine completely leaving the state, at least not for college.

I think it's type one. Pretty sure, anyway. I've never really known the differences between types. It just amazed me how chill he was about the whole thing. Everybody else freaked out.