A Story Of Forbidden Love

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Dominique. That name. I still think about her every once in a while. Our story. Is a true story of forbidden love. As you may have read in another journal entry of mine, My parents don't believe in bisexuality. But they don't see my side. Of course they love me and I love them. They just. Don't understand. I'm sure many people have been there before. Well. Dominique was tall, skinny, and beautiful red hair with black underneath. She was crazy though. But that's what made her so unique. We started off as a "secret romance". A romance that we didn't take seriously at first. Until a few months in.. we realized we were crazy in love. We stayed together for 6 months. But within those six months, many things happened. She would always come over and we would watch movies together in my room and it was amazing. My parents ended up finding out we were in a relationship through reading my texts. They told me I was never to hang with her again. My heart was broken but we stayed together through school. One day, Sh told me.. she would be moving to maryland. Without being able to hang out or see each other in school, we were hopeless. That summer. Before she moved. She would walk three hours at midnight and I would sneak out and meet up with her. We promised to move on, but never to forget. August 6th, 2010. The last day i saw her. I had to bike two hours in the middle of the night to go see her. We spent the whole night talking, holding eachother, and crying. 5:30 am came around and i had to leave. I biked back. Crashing and having a concussion along the way. But i still think it was worth it. To this day, we are best of friends. We moved on. But never forgot.


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You should write a story

You should write a story about that. One of those teen romance novels. If you guys were vampires it would be perfect! ;)

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Haha I've thought about it. Problem is, I'm not really a good writer. Thanks for thee commenttt.