Being bisexual. My story.

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Well, I grew up In a small town in PA. A place where the words "gay" "bisexual" "lesbian" were rarely heard. And I live with my aunt and uncle. My parents were druggies. Doesn't bother me too much. But that's the least of my problem. Bisexual. Yup. That's what i am. its hard. especially for a middle school girl. I don't want to be this way. Being different. The harassment. It sucks. I'm damned to hell. I want soo badly to change. I want to be just like everyone else. to be able to say.. I'm gonna get married and have a husband, house, and kids! When really, I'm not sure if that will ever happen. And if it does. I might not be so happy. My parents (aunt and uncle) are highly religious. Thus, they don't approve. They're dealing with it and still love me just as much but of course, they don't support it. i don't blame them. why support something you think is wrong? I've been going through this since i can remember. I've had suicide attempts over it. I just, I didn't want to live anymore. Many people have stories like mine. I would love to hear what others would have to say. But through this, i have learned that no matter my sexuality.. there will be SOMEONE who loves, accepts, and supports me the whole way. Never give up on life. Just because im bi, doesn't mean im not funny, smart, and a good person inside. i am. I care, love, and live like every straight person out there. Others may not accept. But the most important thing is accepting yourself.


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I relate well to this and

I relate well to this and bisexuals and "straight acting" gays have to deal with a similar lack of acceptance in the greater gay community, but if we're loud enough we WILL be heard!

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I'm bisexual too, and

I'm bisexual too, and sometimes I feel kind of weird, like I'm "wrong" somehow. But I've heard a lot of stories like yours, too, and I am going to learn to live with my self.

PS: I'm glad you didn't actually kill yourself. That would have sucked.

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This site actually started in a small town in Pennsylvania in 1995.

My take is that you weren't ready to come out to your aunt and uncle, whenever or however that happened. If you are conflicted, confused, and not in a positive, affirming space about your sexuality, then you taught them how to relate to your sexuality: the same way you do.

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