Best. Night. EVER.

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I am so happy right now you people have no idea. Amber texted Brittany and gave her my number, and THEN SHE TEXTED ME. BRITTANY. TEXTED. ME. And she was so cool beans about it, and we just had a nice conversation. She was so talkative and funny. We talked about her college interview, my job, just nice things. Our talk was a bit shorter than I would have liked...I'm pretty sure she fell asleep in the middle of our conversation. But it was 2 in the morning, so I don't blame her.

But there's more!

She and Amber texted briefly and she told Amber that she thinks I'm wonderful, and that she's wanted my number for some time now, she's just never asked for some reason. WHAT IS THIS? CAN THIS BE TRUE? IS THIS REAL LIFE? Oh my goodness I could just die a happy woman right now. I had no idea she liked me that much. And she thanked Amber for giving her my number. Do you people realize what this means? I have a chance! We could become close friends! We WILL become close friends, now that this miracle has happened.

I am so overjoyed I cannot even comprehend it. I am a pathetic quiet loser no longer! :)

Everything is perfect now.


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Seems like you might have a shot ;)

Go for it! She seems like she's interested as well, just nervous as heck.

and why wouldn't she be? Obviously, she's crazy for you. lol.

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Hehe. I'm trying really hard

Hehe. I'm trying really hard not to read too much into anything, but it's kinda hard not to think about the slim possibility that she's interested, as in more than friendship.

Right now we're kinda playing games with each other. I think we're both waiting for the other person to initiate a conversation, both in person and through text. I texted her Monday, and now I'm waiting for her to text me first. If I don't hear anything from her by Thursday, I'm texting her again. I have everything figured out.

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congrats, pal

you, mate, could have a shot, dont waste it bid :)

don't forget to thank amber though :)

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Oh, I did thank Amber. I

Oh, I did thank Amber. I practically fell to my knees before her and started kissing her feet. This is without a doubt the best thing she has ever done for me as a friend.

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That is good news! All that

That is good news! All that time thinking about how you should text her, and she winds up texting you first. Yay :)

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It's kinda frustrating to

It's kinda frustrating to think that if I had sent her a text weeks ago, everything would've been awesome. I spent all that time worrying about her reaction, when in reality she probably would've been overjoyed to hear from me. I annoy myself. But what can you do? The important thing is we're definitely heading in the right direction now.