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I had a thought
My music and the films i watch are much more of a support system, then most of my friends and family.
Anyhow I have to admit, I do get really annoyed at friends who just constantly hug. Its like stop, your only doing this for attention on how beautiful and deep your friendship lies. I do it little to my friends who are mostly girls and don't feel the need to embrace all the time. However I have to say there have been times when a hug would have felt nice/helpful.
Also i feel a little bit of stranger on this site since i have not posted in yonks. In truth I have little to write that makes a difference to you and even myself. I just feel everything that i could be summed up in a journal is banal waffling (Kinda doing it now, but its needed) and I am becoming more lazier by the day.
And it is scaring me.
I know that may be just because of my workload increasing from school this year, but lately it seems to be an even bigger picture. At weekends like today i seriously just can not be bothered to do anything and just swipe the net ALLDAY which I then have negative thoughts of not doing something actually productive and social and just fall into a big heap of nonsense mind talking and listen to a whole lot of folk/dance music.
And yeah that was mostly my day.


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i haven't had a hug in years :(

like about a decade since i was 5 actually

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well I'm going to

*sending electronic air hug*

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thank you :)

*hugs back*

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God I hate being hugged. Any

God I hate being hugged. Any touching I hate, actually.
I was Fern in Charlotte's Web and I had to do this super mushy scene with the kid playing Henry Fussy. I was so awkward during rehearsals I couldn't even touch him, so the acting coach had to take us aside backstage and make us hug over and was excruciating. In the end I got over it (and will have to keep hugging guys in plays, unfortunately).
I don't understand why people love it so much.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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I love being hugged, but a

I love being hugged, but a genuine hug is so rare nowadays. I hate it when acquaintances hug all over me just to prove to everyone else that they have a close friend, even though I don't consider them a close friend.

Come to think of it, I rarely get real hugs. Actually I rarely share physical contact with anyone in any form. That's a depressing thought...

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I'm the person who hugs

I'm the person who hugs everyone hello and goodbye.
I once hugged a busker because we'd spent ages talking to him on the street. Yeah, sometimes it goes a bit far.
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”