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in my last journal i said that Operation Better Half went of with out a hitch it did but more realalisticly it went off better than the best case scenario but for clarity

when the husband of the women Kirsty fucked turned up at my door demanding kirsty the landlord (my uncle) had to remove him. the guy started a fight got the english crap beaten out of him (this would be common, hes english) by the way my unclr ex Royal Commando aka one of britains many special forces. what chance did the guy have still a awesome fight to watch though

Kookie & Stevies Plans failed for valentine so they just stayed home and fucked, stevie won't walk properly ever again.

Racheal and Rosie went to a proper restarant.

Ashley stayed home with her sister

but my favourite is this my friend Hope has a fear of asking someone out (male or female) but when shes drunk its a differant story she sort of becomes a well theres no nice way to put this a whore and woke up in bed with a guy and a girl who apparently where both thanking her for a great night that has to be one of the funniest ways to here someone wake up and she didn't remember there names XD.

BTW i think Jenna's completely over it now she seemed VERY VERY happy and randomly hugged me and said "thank you" :') and she went out for the first time this holiday, 2 of her friends asked if she could come out and play she happily went out and played with them


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Good news everywhere.

I'm guessing Kookie and Stevie are both guys? And I'm also guessing that Kookie is a power top?
I laughed at the idea of some Englishman randomly going into a Scottish house pissed, trying to beat up a lesbian for fucking his wife, only to get beat up by the ex-military landlord. What an interesting day that must have been for him!
Good for Jenna, too.

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indeed good news

no, Kookie (in britain at least) is always a girl name but i thought she was a lesbian with a crush on me when i was younger, but stevies a guy X3
i don't know what you mean by power top?
even if he did get in my house the fact that one of the toughest people in my area (me) was there and taller than him even though i less than half his age yeah and a english guy in scotland who lives to his 40s is a miracle XD what a day an affair and getten beaten up by a man who won last years log toss XD

im proud of Jenna right now :) shes with my right now

hi :) <-- that was Jenna

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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I was watching Youtube videos

and this is what my definition of an Englishman is:

And yes, he mocks every country outside of U.S.A.

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XD Outside of USA?

screw that Scots mock every country even our own XD
i was watching a welsh man compare England & Scotland in 100 categories, Scotland won exactly 93 VICTORY in there posh twat faces

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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You seem to really, really hate England.

And you judge Englishmen a lot. Discrimination isn't a good thing. (My uncle lives in Wales, btw.)

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not all english just the bad ones :P

its really because i can't really stand england's opionions on anything they still are really homophobic while scotland is extremely accepting as well as making me pay £10 for cough syrum i prefer my medecine free thank you very much

besides i come from a culture where england slaughter us and repressed our culture

besides i hate the NATION not the PEOPLE

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies