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I LOVE Xena AND the environment, so this was really amazing! It's so cool that she is risking her life for something she believes in when, as a celebrity, she could have just given some people some money and done a commercial or something.
Somewhat related, people are always saying Xena and Gabriel are lesbians who are secretly in love. But throughout the first seasons, they fall in love with tons of guys, including Hercules and his sidekick. So what's up with that? Maye they're bi? That's just always confused me.
This is SO cool! I'm working on getting enough $$$ to go next year. It would be really cool to be on my own for a while (3 WEEKS!!), and I would get to see my aunts while I was there. However, $2,200....well, even with a whole year that could be kind of hard to scrape together :(