Cute guy :P

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It's well done.

For example, it points out something that I didn't realize before, but that's true if you think about it.
If there truly is a difference between "bad" and "good", and God makes the laws of Morality, what's "bad" and "good", then obviously there is no difference to God, so he can't be "good".
Think about it, if God makes the laws of bad and good, then he can't be good, or bad, except of course by his own definition, there's no way to judge him to be good.

Yesterday on the bus I think I saw something amazing. At a meet earlier this year Shelby (you guys know Shelby) was at it, a school swim meet, and I wandered over to talk with her, and she said she saw the guy in front of her trying to hold hands with another guy.
That was awesome :P
That guy I'd seen before (I'll call him Guy from now on for clarity), he rode my bus, and I thought he looked kinda gay, frankly. I mean, I'm sure some of it was his clothes, what with fucking purple skinny jeans, but it was also kinda in the way he looked... (I'm pretty sure they've done studies on this, people can kinda, not 100% accurate of course, guess people's sexuality based on their face. Pretty fuckin awesome. But I'm too tired to cite anything now.)

But I didn't actually have anything to base that on until this meet, when he was sitting next to presumably a boyfriend or at least a prospect (who wasn't responding, but maybe just because his family was right there).

And then I was riding the bus for the first time in months yesterday, because I've had school swimming right after school for months, and it ended yesterday, and then this Guy walks on, leading another guy (I don't remember the meet enough to know if it's the same guy...) who I'm at least 95% sure was his boyfriend, cause of his clothes, like a partially buttoned red polo, pretty fuckin gay, although I didn't think he "looked" gay so much :P
But I hadn't seen him on the bus ever before, so one would presume, that since he was riding with the other Guy, and walked off the bus with him, he was going to the other Guy's house.
And that made me so happy, a beautiful Friday afternoon, and these guys I'm almost certain are an item were going on a date :P
I wonder what they were doing :P
Maybe smangin it :P

But that was awesome, cause I don't see gay couples quite so often, and both of them were pretty cute :P

Oh, and then today, not much interesting happened, but something pretty cool happened, I got to drive the stick car in Seattle, which was pretty nerve wracking for a few reasons, partly because of course I'm not used to urban driving so my parents are always getting their panties in a wad cause they're afraid I'll run into something, and then of course Seattle's filled with some ballsass steep hills, and if you've driven a standard before, it's harder to drive them starting on really steep hills, not to mention hard on the clutch. So we had some nerve-wracking starts, but I think I did pretty well for not so much having to ever deal with hills that steep before.
It feels so good starting the car on a hill, I feel like a Saviour or something, like I take my foot off the brake to start the car, and then we start to roll backwards, and it's like Oh Noes we're gunna dies! And then I get it into gear, and we're saved, and moving forward again.

And it's nice to know I'm good enough to drive the manual most anywhere now.

Anyway, g'night guys.


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that's awesome, chad!

:) Glad you got to drive a stick in town. My first time in Seattle driving my 5 speed truck, I spun out on cherry and 12th, one of the steepest inclines in town. It was lightly raining, and there was oil slick on the hill, and I just spun the tires until I finally retained traction! That's RWD for you. lol. I should have gotten out and thrown it into 4 low.

Anyway....what's new man? Other than driving manual transmissions? I need to get one again, but my neighbor's truck w/ low mileage is leaking oil as of this last week, So IDK if I am gonna buy it now.

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Seeing a cute gay couple

Seeing a cute gay couple does make the world seem a little brighter, but I've never heard of smangin it.... Anyway, telling someone's sexuality based off of their facial structure? I've never heard of that either. I'll have to look around more.