Dad having trouble? :(

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One of my favorite past times is planning things, especially parties. Last night at dinner I was discussing it with my dad and I asked my parents what they thought the most romantic way to ask someone to prom was (I had recently seen a video about it).
So we had been talking about this for a few minutes when my dad came up with this really cool, stalkerish idea about following your potential date to Italy (if they were going) and asking them out from the Juliet balcony. Then he talked about all the embarassing things that can happen when you're asked out by phone. All this time, he was referring to my hypothetical date as "he." Finally I corrected him and said "or she!"
Dad shrugged it off and we kept talking. Later I said something about being the one to ask someone out and he looked at me kind of funny.
"Really? Guys usually ask girls out, or else they get kind of embarassed." *Some meaningless chatter on this topic.*
"Well, if it's a girl SOMEONE has to do the asking!"
"Huh." Dad paused, a funny expression on his face. "I just always thought of you as the one being asked."
A while later we all retreated to our parts of the house, but that moment stuck with me. Dad knows that I'm bi, but that sounded kind of like he was disapointed or something. We haven't talked about it and now I'm afraid he is having a hard time accepting it.


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Or he can't imagine his

Or he can't imagine his daughter being the butch one in the relationship XD
Or Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Juliet balcony's a terrible idea. Just sayin'. 'Cause Romeo and Juliet didn't exactly have a good relationship - she was fourteen, he was 'in love' with someone else, he saw her at a party, they exchanged a lot of poetry sometimes laden with innuendo, they got married like the next day, he killed her cousin, she faked her death, he realed his death, they both got dead. Yeah. Not exactly what anybody wants in a romance. Plus, if you're in Italy with someone, you probably have some sort of relationship with em already, and if you're following em all the way to Italy you are a total stalker.
I know nobody's actually considering doing it, but really - not even a good fantasy.

Your dad... Maybe he's just surprised. His reaction doesn't sound bad...