Damn Humor

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I got in trouble for telling a joke about the president to a friend of mine who's thinking about running for congress when she's older. It wasn't against her or against politics, i just did a little bit about how being the president of the United States is a lot like being a convicted pedophile. Which is TRUE! Think about it, everybody knows exactly where you live, you have your own signs to put in yards, and you got there by posing with children and kissing babies. You're either a diaper sniper or the Commander and Chief of the nation.

I get tired of people now knowing when i'm joking, so just a quick heads up. If i say something like "the president is a pedophile"...then i'm joking. If i say something like "I should cook dinner". I'm being honest.


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that aint humor

to a Scottish person

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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How so?

An optimist sees the glass half full, and a pessimist sees the glass half empty. But a realist however, realizes that sooner or later he's going to eventually have to clean the glass.

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it isn't dark enough

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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i as well have this problem. when i tell you that i step on baby birds in my free time, of course im not being serious. and also, its like people cant read the inflection of my voice, since my voice is very differnt from when im kidding to when im not.

thats a good one about the president tho ;D

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