Definite Progress.

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Brittany and I talked about poetry last night. Turns out she writes poetry too, but is just as shy as I am about sharing it with people. I swear to you guys, this girl keeps getting cooler every day. We actually have quite a bit in common. I actually suggested that we exchange poems some time and give each other some feedback. So I'll be sharing my work with her, which is so weird. I'm more willing to share my work with her than with people I've known for years. I'm probably just trying to impress her or something.

She actually said to me, "I'm usually very shy about sharing my poems with other people, but I don't mind sharing them with you. I think you're one of the coolest, most down to earth people I've met in a long time." Oh gosh. So awesome. She told me how cool it was to finally meet someone else who was interested in writing as much as she is. This girl. I cannot even.

So I'm really nervous about sharing my poems with her. What sucks is that my greatest poem is about her and I can't let her read it. Such a bummer. But I think she'll like my work. I'm also hoping she'll be honest and let me know if she doesn't like something. I need criticism so I can grow as a writer.

We've been talking a lot more lately, it seems. Of course it varies day to day. I'm pretty confident, which is something that would've been unheard of not too long ago. Funny how much I've changed in the past couple years. But yeah, I'm super happy :)