Don't you hate it when...

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...people obsess over a specific country for no reason when they haven't even been there? I'm sure there is a lot of shitty stuff there that media doesn't tell you.

...people complain about how shitty their lives are? It could get a lot worse. You could be in Somalia or India or, even worse, you could be a gay in Iran or Uganda.

...people are ethnocentric and think that everyone outside of their own country is a stupid barbarian? That's the most stupid and barbaric thing you could do.

...people claim to love America, but wear Confederate flags? Maybe you should know that Confederates were the ones against the U.S.A. The Union won the war. Get over it.

...people actually are nationalists? Countries don't exist. Humans can't own land. Nor does anyone have authority over anyone else. Government is a hallucination put on us by megalomaniac monarchs who would have done anything they could for power.

...Republicans hate gays because they're "unnatural"? But then they endorse international war and the construction of factories that pollute the world. Yeah. Gays are so disgustingly unnatural.

...Republicans hate gays because the Bible tells them to? First: stop being a theocrat. You're breaking the First Ammendment. Second: if you're going to hate somone because an ancient book tells you to, why don't you believe that aliens came to Earth, bred us to be a slave race, and left, and that the Sun is away fighting demons at night and it recquires blood replenishment during the day because ancient books make so much sense.

...poor people are Republicans? Don't they want wellfare checks so they don't starve to death? people are Republicans? They're the greediest people ever.

...people judge others based on their actions? You don't know why they do what they do, so just stay out of it.

...people judge others based on paraphilias? They can't help being attracted to small children or animals, etc. any more that you can help being attracted to whatever you like.

Some people are so annoying.

In other news, I'm very lonely. It isn't even really that much about Brad any more. I just don't want to be single. It fucking sucks. I start feeling really horrible when the song "Sweet Insecurity" by Pansy Division comes on my iPod. It's a happy song about how wonderful it is being in a relationship.
I hate this.


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I will try to make friends.

I will try to make friends. I think it's too late to join a group, though. And I don't know if I would have a ride home. Also, there are mostly girls in the theater group, so I don't think the chances would be increased. The only guy I know in theater is metrosexual.
I think the only openly gay people at my school are older than me, though there are a few bisexuals my age. That one guy with the colorful hair has a few gay friends. He doesn't like me, though.
I would love a musical boyfriend, so I should have joined the orchestra this year. Unfortunately, I'm not good at staying on time with the rest of the group.

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Where did your comment go, elph?

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I felt uncomfortable with the "preachy" tone of my initial response to your journal... and I deleted it at exactly the same moment you posted this comment (above). Consequently, your comment remains... and mine is gone!

I don't know if I did the right thing or not.

Anyway... Your response is reasoned, and I think it is fine as it stands.