Elph you Magnificent Son of a Bitch :P

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Maybe One Day:

maybe one day ill be free
maybe one day ill be happy
maybe one day ill be loved and care for
maybe one day ill be accepted
maybe one day ill be able to say hello without fear
maybe its all in my head

the voices say these can happen
but only if i do what they say
the tell me to do such horrible things
but yet i wonder if there right
im able to resist but for how much longer
the voices say they know me
and can make me very happy
but when i argue
there so mean to me
the say im being bad
when im being good

i only want them gone
i only want the good voices back
but they're gone
where do i ask?
are they dead?
i hope not
the voices say they are
but i dont know
the good voices were so nice when they talked
they made me feel happy without asking anything
the good voices never hurt me
the good voices never brought pain
the good voices never doubted me
the good voices made me believe in hope
the good voices always cheered me up
the good voices always made me proud of myself

but are they dead and gone?
will they ever return?
will the evil voices ever go?
will i ever be myself?
or is he dead too?

the voices say im dead
but im a new me
that scares me
that frightens me
that makes me cry
all i want is them gone
all i want is be free
all i want is the good voices back
maybe one day it'll be true

am i just out of my mind?
the voices say im sane
as long as i obey them
as long as i dont argue
as long as i live
but i want the good voices back
they would help me


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Thank you...

But... son of a bitch?

Your smile, however, makes it very acceptable.

As I said earlier... I truly don't have the answers you want to hear.

I fully understand that you're experiencing less than desirable circumstances...

But... I was being quite honest... I see that despite hardships, you do possess an innate talent. Right now... all I can offer is: "Don't let it escape or be driven from you!"

You will win...

(btw: I trust that you realize that this is not a teen speaking to you... far from it. And... you might infer --- correctly --- that I'm actually envious of your future potential.)

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its ok nobody does
your manificent because you keep saying such nice things to me infact the nicest things people have ever said to me
thank you again i wont let it go nor be driven ive let so much be taken from me im not going to allow this to go as well.
you really think im that good? thank you :')

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Of course... I'm working only with hunches! :)

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thank you

i cried tears of joy :')