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major update right now, this day rapidly became BAD.

firstly, i had a headache and went to take a paracetamol but someone replaced the paracetamol with "wet" pills so right now im wetter than a Scottish Summer, nuff said.

secondly, Rosie just broke her leg and shes terrified of hospitals so im taking care of her.

thirdly, im babysitting Berry & Eric (my niece and nephew) since Matt & Ruby are doing something for their wedding, ive just get them to sleep babies are hard! to take care of.

fourthly, i don't know where Tank is seriously ive searched the house he literally disappeared, how does a tortoise suddenly disappear, has he escaped? (again) is he stealing the neighbours cat toys again? im sure he'll turn up eventually when hes hungry.

lastly, Jenna's crying in her room and she won't tell me whats wrong and shes locked her door so i can't help her. she hasn't cried this bad in 3 years. :C

on a lighter side i heard of a Scottish bakery making cakes for women going through menopause i had to make jokes heres some i thought of:
"its a little Dry"
"why's there no jam?"
"did the baker run out of Eggs"

this is a really bad day


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I suspect bullying with the Jenna thing.

I love those jokes you made about the bakery. Genius.

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that is what i was thinking

about Jenna shes still sad and wont talk but shes out of her room at least :(

thanks the jokes took me a while

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies