Freaky dream lol

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I dreamt I was abducted by aliens... That really freaked me out for some reason but now that I'm totally coherent and such it seems rather funny. I guess what really freaked me out was that for some reason when I woke up my briefs had gone missing and I thought I got probed or something. But it was nothing out of the ordinary it seems lol. Anyway, I really apologize for my lack of activity on here.


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You do realize that people

You do realize that people who dream of being abducted by aliens really were abducted by aliens, right? Perhaps it wasn't a dream :O

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The whole subject and content of the dream was pretty silly. My mother and I are in the car driving down the highway and the city is being (seemingly) sieged by UFO's. Then white light and I wake up. I watched an alien documentary and was a bit feverish when I went to bed. Plus I was dehydrated in my sleep due to bread content in my stomach.

So don't be alarmed. I watch tv shows and for some reason I dream of somehow being a part of whatever the show was about. Just like when I watched a Malcolm X special and then dreamed about being a leader of The Nation of Islam. It's all relative really. ;-)

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you don't even know how bad that shit scares me

like my greatest, greatest fear ever is being taken in my sleep by aliens or anything else and like

yeah I'd have pissed myself if my underwear was gone after that forreal
That's redick!

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My greatest fear:

urethral sounding

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How can that be a fear? It's typically something you opt into. So, if you don't want to, it's kind of easy to avoid...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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That shit's voluntary?

I'm afraid of that being done as a torture or whatever, like in One Man, One Screwdriver.

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Yeah, it's something some extreme people are "into," hehe.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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No way!

I had a strange dream two nights ago! I was at my school, getting ready to get on the bus, except there was some kind of roof over them and it was night and the buses were grey and it was some kind of totalitarian society or something and it was weird. The next thing I knew, I was in my neighborhood waiting for something in darkness. I have no idea what I was waiting for. Then I ended up in my house (still night) and there was a huge spider in the garage. It was red and white and we were keeping it in there until someone or something came. We were going to give it to someone. My dog didn't like it; he kept barking at it until it got into the house and tried to attack us, then my dog killed it. That's all I remember of it.

A night before that was pretty interesting, too. It was a story of some exiled prince warrior or somone (a chubby blonde guy with long hair and a beard, who had armor and a weapon) and he had to travel along the coast with an old master. Eventually the master either died or left (I just remember that he was gone later) and the prince guy went by himself for a while before meeting an other guy. They eventually ended up at this large, round platform by the beach, where they spoke for a while. Then my view panned over to the platform and there was a flashback to the princes childhood and a bunch of people and market stalls and buildings materialized and accordion music started playing. That's where that one ended. I could make a movie about it if I weren't so lazy.

Earlier that night I had a much less interesting dream about like an LGBT institution that had a band and I was an assistant conductor. That was a pretty fun (and very long) one, but I remember almost nothing about it and it isn't as epic as the others.