fridays :L

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i know fridays are meant to be good and all but :L i dont feel it my home life is FUCKING TERRIBLE since its a half day its just more time at home (3 hours 55 mins to be exact) school sucks...

first period is just maths revision for the final exams with about a month or so to go before them.

2nd & 3rd period are just core subjects so no exam for them :),

2nd was RMPS and we did palmistry apparently im sensitive, will have a healthy sex life, my head will be very important in my life, i will have a good love life and my fates wrapped in knowledge and love and will have 2 kids, if true im set for life.

3rd period was SE and it was decent since school will be finished for me after the summer, so its all talkers from the council talking about leaving home and homelessness and that its the councils job to give you a home, which i have come to a conclusion that if i will stay with my dad or gran. but if forced to stay ill just run away my chances on the streets are better than at home.

also that Scotland may become a independent nation again, theres going to be a vote or something on it, i dont know where i stand first hearing a MASSIVE majority shouted "FREEDOM!" but i started thinking, if Scotland becomes its own nation will we get the oil rigs in the north sea because there techniqly in scottish waters, or army we would have a army straight away the army is in the queens name but will we get the scots battalions?.
what about all the things that make Scotland a great place to live? like the NHS, Free medicine, free education etc will they still exist?

i know our culture WILL become more common (tartan, Kilts, haggis, Bagpipes etc) will the language be changed from english to scots?
i mean aye fair enough we all speak scots in scotland im not right now im typing english, but iei cann tipe scots en if yah wan mah tae. it aint anny troobal.

will we become a republic or a constitutional monarchy? i mean we already have a parliament but we have a palace too.
i sort-off fence sitting on this one
i havent got a reply from Josh yet im not sure if hes not read it yet or accidentally deleted it or just hates me for it god nerves killing me.

i dont even know if i want a reply,
i do if hes happy and ok with it
but what if hes bi-phobic or something
stupid head!.

my rant for today


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Palmistry? In High School?

Truly weird!

I feel that some information (genetic influences) is very likely hinted at in one's hands... but not the information you departed with! This must have been an extra-curricular activity?

As for Josh... just continue to hope! My fingers remained crossed (but readily acknowledge that this is likely even less efficacious than palmistry). :)

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well since it was

RMPS (Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies) its just 1 lesson its just that the now were doing alternate beliefs (cults, new age stuff etc.), no its extra-circular i dont believe it, its that RMPS is core so that everybody has to take 1 hour of it a week but its mostly moral stuff.

i really do hope hes ok with it

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My elementary school taught

My elementary school taught us a different religion every year. We started with Buddha, then Native American tribal rituals, then Old Testament/Judaism. it was really fun. The school taught us all of this pagan cult stuff too. I didn't realize it then, but we had an altar in our classroom. It was AWESOME.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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yeah our school did one religion a year but not in detail

unless you took RMPS fully and you could do 3 a year in detail (2 more hours if you take it) but its mainly the 6 big religions then some cults, ancient stuff but thats only for the first 2 years then it gets Philosophical, Moral and alternate beliefs (not religious) but does say the religious opinions on some stuff