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FUCK VALINTINES DAY......... I hate this day more than any other, and frankly today is the day I am highest at risk of hurting my shit becuase I am so fucking lonely... I hate this day so much... I hate this holiday it is complete bullshit that people just shove there fucking relationships in my face through the fucking media... man fuck all you guys in relationships who are doing anything this day... I hate you all... and will always hate you. I hope I never have to celebrate this horriable holiday... and no matter what my relationship status I never will, and frankly I will make life a living hell for everyone on this day for the rest of my life... so fuck off bicthes.


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Oh my fucking god...

Oh my fucking god... Seriously Yama... you're just being another example of someone blowing shit way out of water. I mean seriously, get over yourself and just quit making mountains out of mole hills. It is just annoying and stupid, I am so fucking serious... it seems like whiny people just do this stupid shit all the fucking time... and I am getting so sick of it. :@ Quit being such a bitch and grow a pair... please...

I mean seriously this is the most stupidest journal I have read all day especially the part of you being bitter that other people are happy(Frankly it was the dumbest shit I have heard all day LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) just so that you could whine about being single. You don't see me writing that I hate everyone who is in a relationship just because I'm single. I mean, you put almost this exact same comment format on my last post telling me not to whine... guess what... you need to walk the fucking walk first and learn not to piss me off with stupid comments because I'm done holding back my inner bitch. :)

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Shut your mouth you fucking

Shut your mouth you fucking dyke... I really don't want to hear it form you of all people. Frankly I don't care about the opinion of anyone who doesn't have a pair of actual balls... and I know your going to make a pussy comeback at me there, but don't try it, becuase I don't care. :P You know I really don't give a stupid shit about what your queer mouth has to say on this fucking holiday. PLUS I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO COME ON HERE AND POST WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL See I just wrote in all caps you whore.... and hell I will post another journal like this to bicth about this hell day again tommorw if I fucking feel like it... so go eat carpet or somthing or whatever you dykes do :P

Oh and trust me I won't be pleasuring you with a response to any raging... so just don't waste your time responding to this.

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Oooh, you broke out the

Oooh, you broke out the D-word. How hardcore. You know, I could call you a faggot, but I'm classier than that. And you know what else, I am going to ignore the fact that you called me my least favorite word, because you are one sad dude. If you don't care about people's opinions, why even post your whiny bullshit on a public site?

Oh, and don't you fucking call me a queer because last time I checked, gay men technically fall under that category as well.

You are just pathetic, man. You think this attitude is gonna get people to like you? No! No, it isn't, because people don't like that shit. I sure hope you don't act like this offline.

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The dancing guy-thing made me smile and laugh, thanks.

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You are welcome! :)

You are welcome! :)

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Oh and because I can't edit,

Oh and because I can't edit, I'm just gonna say that I just now saw the part where you said you aren't responding. I don't expect a response, I just wanted to put your whiny ass in its proper place. :)

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Guess what queer... you

Guess what queer... you fucking failed... epically, becuase now you have just given me a reason to troll every single journal that your fag ass writes form now on. So I that you are the one who is MAD BRO :P

Me I am prefectly calm, and frankly getting off on this shit... ever heard the saying don't feed the troll... guess who is doing it... you are queer... :P

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I was just about to say don't feed the troll.

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brb crying omg i lub u super

brb crying omg
i lub u super duck

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You certainly make me question that policy.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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Frankly this entire journal

Frankly this entire journal was ment as a priviate rage against a holiday I hate... and will always hate. Sorry, but that is just me... and frankly I didn't want anyone to post in it... Super Duck is the one who started it actually... so really I was just defending myself... :S

Good Good Jeff... your finally thinking like a admin... hehehehehehhe LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :D