Gay Moments. lol

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So yeah I got up this morning got dressed and then lip synced to The Way You Love Me by Faith Hill while brushing my hair. lol

So anyway, people of Oasis, what were your gay moments today?


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ummm...flirting w/ the guy I lost my virginity to...

all night last night, but nothing happened. lol. oh, and he was singing alanis morisette in the car this morning when i took him to work, so that was pretty gay. lol

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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sex :P

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Listening to a shit load of madonna + watching a sex and the city episode ;)

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Checked out a pretty lady

Checked out a pretty lady today :p

I don't really do anything stereotypically "gay" except like women hahaha

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my birth was a gay moment

my birth was a gay moment

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This made my day!

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also what i am wearing right

also what i am wearing right now is pretty fucking gay but i love it

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I can't think of a single gay thing I did today. I got up and went cross-country skiing with my parents.
Then we came back home and watched the end of the Super Bowl.

I guess my hat has a little colorful ball on top that bounces around a little, that's a little gay.
Oh, and I did watch porn, that's pretty fuckin gay...
Aaaaannd I guess it was technically today, early early this morning, a little after midnight, I was watching old episodes On Demand of Bad Sex (with this fucking HOT gay guy) and 1 Girl 5 Gays from LOGO..

But I don't really do things that are stereotypically gay, like dance around to Lady Gaga (only sometimes) but I do do things that are actually gay, I guess, like check out guys and watch gay porn :P

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Checking a lot of guys in Argentina!
Trying to flirt with Nico
And dance alone in my room with every pop song!