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So, Glee tonight.



I felt like crying and throwing things and asdfghjkl. Like, this one guy is "in the closet", but kinda like, out of it. Like me. Not out to most people, but a few people know. But he walked into his school to see the word "FAG" spray painted on his locker, and I was like "wut" and then he went home and tried to commit suicide but his dad found him and then later Kurt was all "I know how he feels" and Quinn was trying to relate but basically Kurt was just like STFU you were pregnant that's it, you don't know. Shue talked about his past thought of suicide and blarg. I don't even know. AND THEN Quinn gets hit by a car.


So, this song. I'm too lazy to embed it, but here.


On a different note, my sister has a few more months until she gives birth. At that point, we've decided, I'll come out, so if mom kicks me out, she can help me, because she's with child right now. But I still don't think she should be smoking weed with this child in her. It just doesn't seem healthy. >.>

My hand hurts from being on Tumblr and sdfghjk'ing about Glee, so I'm going to make a short journal short and GTFO. Night everyone <3


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I can't remember if I follow

I can't remember if I follow you on Tumblr or not. My URL is on my profile. I recently stopped hiding my love of Glee, so I have a lot of very strong feelings about Glee, which are currently all over my Tumblr.

Tonight's episode was intense :'(

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GLEE triggers my gag reflex.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Hahaha I used to think that!

Hahaha I used to think that! My mom and sister would watch it, and I would wonder why...

And now I'm hopelessly addicted to Glee. :p

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I watched...

season one, but I realized I didn't really like the characters, or the storylines, just the singing. And there's too much other stuff compared to the singing. This year, I only watched the Ricky Martin episode, and I tivod through any season that wasn't Ricky. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I might enjoy it if I watched it. Too bad I'm never going to watch it. I don't have the patience for movies or television (especially with commercials). I just can't handle being separated from my music for that long. School's already bad enough. It would be hell if I didn't have a 4th period in which I'm allowed to listen to my iPod.