Happy Valentine's Day, Oasis!

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Even if I don't have a cute relationship, at least I can watch some on TV! I had a good Valentine's Day. Both my parents got me candy because I am forever alone, and a guy in one of my classes gave all the girls candy too. And I was only mad once today due to a bitchy substitute teacher! Only ONCE! That is so rare!

Also, I have five Valentines! Well, uh, three are cats, but two are actual people! And girls, at that! Hahaha, my best friend, Hot Girl, and I all three didn't have Valentines, so we decided to be each others'. Yep, that's right. My best friend... And HOT GIRL. Haha! I am not complaining here, no siree! 

Usually, I hate Valentine's Day because I stress over whether or not to get something for a crush. It always sucks because I want to super badly, but I would have to bring stuff for my friends/classmates to make it non-awkward, but that would make it less special AND I am way too cheap for that anyway. But this year there wasn't a girl to stress over, so it wasn't bad at all. I mean, it sucks to not have a girlfriend to spend today with, sure, but it isn't bad like usual. Maybe next year I will have a girl I can actually get something for. And plus, I am too broke to take a girl out somewhere super nice right now anyway. :p I have maybe $50 but there is no gas in my car, soooo... That is not gonna last long.

I haven't eaten candy in ages, though, and today I just ate a ton of it, so I feel prettyyyy gross. But I'm happy.


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Wow... this sounds like the

Wow... this sounds like the journal of a loser who is just trying to explian away there rotten life. Without actually understanding the fact that it actually sucks complete ass... This is way more pathetic than anything I could ever write if I tried... good job dyke... you certianly out did me.

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"This is way more pathetic than anything I could ever writ(...)"



that is all


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Not sure if serious... and

Not sure if serious... and not really seeing the connection... only that angel is just as much of a dumb ass as Super Duck.

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Yeah, I'm such a dumbass.

I've made films that got shown at festivals, my digital art and photography has been hailed as "professional level", I've had multiple professors with doctorates in various fields sincerely state that my essays are a pleasure to read as opposed to the shit they normally receive, I'm in the top 5% of students at my school, my part-time job is what some people do as a career, ect.

Someone over the internet who dates their cat and is bitter about everyone who isn't as fucking miserable as them is not going to make me doubt my self-worth in any way.

FYI, the connection is that you said that you'd never write anything as pathetic as this particular journal, so I provided textual evidence to the contrary. (But I'm the dumbass, right?)

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Wow... *Clap... Clap...

Wow... *Clap... Clap... Clap...* That awsome... congrats on your many accomplishments. I know I could never be that good. :)