How Much This Sucks

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I feel like just falling into my bed and not getting out for a couple months.

Food sits in my stomach like a lead brick, my head is always heavy, and my stomach is killing me. I have no idea what i have but i don't want any more of it i'll tell you that.

I've got a lot of work to get done at school, so if i stay home then i'll fall behind and might not graduate. This is bullshit! I'm never sick until i need to be healthy, but when my well being has no effect on anything i'm healthy as a horse!

Also, i'm a little concerned. My psychiatrist is perscribing me a medication, and i'm pretty worried about it affecting my mental skills. I had heard of people losing their creativity when they start taking psych meds. If i lose that part of me, i can't write any more jokes, and that means my whole dream of stand up comedy would be shot.

Any reassurance would be appreciated.



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It depends on the drug...

But if stand up comedy and humor are that important to you, I bet you can overcome the side effects.

Besides, you'll have plenty of time to work towards your goals; a lot of stand up comedians are in their thirties and fourties.

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Wait, what?

Why is a psychiatrist prescribing you anything for a stomach ailment? Why do you even have a psychiatrist if you're not on any psych meds?