I am sorry... to Super Duck and Angel Sydrome

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I would like to apoligize for the things I said yesterday. I was not rational, nor was I thinking correctly. I always get like that on V-day becuase it really is the worse day of the year for me, and I think so much about my obession with relationships on that day that it makes me depressed. I am sorry if I insulted you in any manner, and I don't mind if you don't accept my apology, but I don't understand why you posted on my orginal journal in the frist place. All I wanted was a place to rage Super Duck... I just needed it becuase I was about to jump out the window on my dorm and possiably kill myself. Frankly I am sorry for anything that was said and now that I have read over everything while I can think clearly I am very sorry...

I am sorry,


PS: This one is in case you refuse to open my PM... I really am sorry... and would really like to express that, no matter what.


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can i ask

is there any other holidays that set you off?

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Nope... just V-day... me and

Nope... just V-day... me and my shirnk kind of have figured out my new Aspergurs obession is relationships and that is probably the connection. Even made me sign a contract with her last night that I promised I would contact her first if my fellings of wanting to kill myself started to turn into actions.

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I'm sorry aboout that.

I felt lonely on Valentine's Day, too.

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Thank you for

Thank you for apologizing,

perhaps these reflections should come before you act, not afterwards. All is well otherwise, and I understand.

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Apology accepted

I will send more in the PM if I can get my computer to cooperate.