I had to write this journal twice.

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A teacher stapling a McDonald's application to a student's failed test. Right or wrong? Just curious.

You know what name I like? Margo. I'm not sure why. It's an old lady name, yet it somehow manages to be awesome. I think I'll name one of my characters Margo.

Have you ever noticed how MTV (which stands for music TV, I think) doesn't even show music videos anymore? It used to show some pretty freakin' awesome rock music videos. What the hell is this? When did this change?

Is it wrong to ask your best friend to text your crush for you, just to test the waters? My train of thought goes a little something like this: "I wanna put myself out there and talk to this girl and be all awesome...Amber, go do it for me." I was gonna ask Amber to do it today, but she was in a pissy mood. Tomorrow perhaps. I dunno.


Have you ever noticed how technology is taking away our freedom of choice? Think about it. You can't buy any kind of TV other than HD, you can rarely find flip phones cuz it's all Androids and iPhones, movies are almost always in 3D...it's like...fine, throw this state-of-the-art shit in our face, but at least give us the option of using it or not. I know it sounds like I'm going Amish, but I'm all for technology. I just don't like how it makes everything obsolete and forces new versions and models on us.


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1. thing I find it wrong! 2.

1. thing I find it wrong!
2. I've never heard the name Margo, but it sounds awesome!
3. I don't think that asking your best friend to text your crush for you. (maybe I'll do that with my best friend)
4. In Colombia I still have the option to
Buy and old tv or an HD tv, a cheap phone that only costs $50.000COL ($25USD) that if it fall it might break the floor and you can buy IPhone, Android and BB.

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Yeah, teachers doing that

Yeah, teachers doing that just seems downright rude to me. Even if it is intended to be a joke, I could see students being hurt by it.

Well, you can buy older stuff on eBay and sites like that, but I can't imagine that being reliable. You'd probably get ripped off and get crappy broken TVs and phones. I miss my old TV that was as old as I was...now I have an HD TV, and you can't lay on the floor and watch it because the colors get messed up if you look at it from the wrong angle.

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1. i dont know but hilarious

1. i dont know but hilarious XD
2. i heard the name Margo in a short story but it sounds crap in a Scots accent we have to pronounce it Mahrrrrgo it sounds wrong in our accent
3. nope, i did it look where i am with her now :)
4. that really freedom thing you can still buy them

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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Yeah, I'm trying to get

Yeah, I'm trying to get Amber to text Brittany for me. I asked her today, but I'm not sure if she will or not. Probably not. Heaven forbid Amber actually do me a favor :|

You can really only buy older models of phones, TVs, and iPods on sites like eBay and maybe Amazon, I think. They still have older flip phones in stores, but they're not very common. Older TVs and iPods are definitely not in stores...I've looked around.