i think Jenna's nearly over it

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i think Jenna's nearly over it now, i heard back from the head teacher about the Homophobic teacher and they opened a investigation and ended up firing him, shes also going to go through her work and see if he gave her a wrong grade and the MSP is actual going to use this case as an example for checking teachers background more.

Jenna seems to have stopped crying but still wants to be held close. she seems to getting back to her normal self slowly but i can see it. she wanted to talk to someone her age so we got Taylor (AJ's little sister) round so Jenna can talk to her they still talking.

at least Jenna's still got a week before school starts again. and the teacher want be there when she goes back.

hopefully she'll be fine soon


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Is Scotland a utopia? Over here, they wouldn't give a shitting fuck about a homophobic teacher.
Also, is this Taylor also a lesbian?

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yes tis indeed a utopia

thats the thing homophobia is punishable here its great :D

Taylor is suspected of being one the way she looks at girls gives a hint & when she was staring at a girl AJ asked if it was crush jokingly and she said no &was chewing her her (her tell when she lies) we think she is but were not going to ask

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