If Nico haven't noticed that I'm gay, he is stupid!

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Today I didn't had class, and went to some friend farm to do a group integration.
Andy didn't came :(
And with Nico happened the following thing on the bus:
On the bus I was next to him and we were really tight! So I putted my hand in his knee and then in his lap, but he didn't moved it, then he started saying about some friend watching porn in his cellphone and he had a hentai image that one day he showed to everybody and I accidental said yaoi instead of hentai (I was dying of embarrassment inside!). When we were going back, I putted my hand under his leg and then he kind stand up and let me get near his ass (and he didn't moved!) and stayed really close to him. It was a great trip! :)


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I feel the same.

I think maybe Brad likes me, but he thinks I'm straight, so he tries to avoid me. It's a possibility, at least. Then again, I don't touch him like you do to Nico.
I know a happy song by Rush that will fit your mood:

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And... Andrew

Where does he rank?

Hope things continue to improve with Nico :)