I'm Helping Her... But Who's Gonna Help ME?!?!?!


Today my daughter said she felt like she was going crazy! She said she is still very much so angry at her Therapist. We didn't talk about her being Gay today... but I feel that our whole household has changed because of this information. My husband and I are trying not to treat her any differently, but I have to admit guys... I feel differently towards her :(
NOT that I don't love her still - But I just feel like she went from a 14 year old child to an adult over night (if that makes any sense?). She just doesn't seem like my innocent 14 year old baby anymore... and that saddens me. All I can manage to think is that she wants to have sex with women!!??!! I know it sounds crazy... but that's how I feel. We hugged and I gave her really loving and encouraging advice. I got her all of her favorite foods, then gave her a little something to help her sleep good tonight (she hasn't been able to get much sleep lately). My baby is now tucked in bed sleeping the night away... while I'm up concerned, scared, and frustrated!!! Uuuuuhhhhhhg :-/


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1. dont treat her any differently at all shes still exactly the same person she ever was

2. i don't blame her that therapist mustn't have been lisceansed at all don't take her back her

3. just because shes a lesbian doesn't make her sex crazed

4. just treat her the way you've always treated her, don't take her back to the therapist, don't bring up religion or her sexuality, and don't think of her any differently

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She should be angry at the therapist. I doubt she'd ever go to him again, and it's probably good to find a new one. He violated her trust, and that should be the end of their relationship.

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Why are you scared and frustrated?

There's nothing to be scared of... If you love your kid and take care of her, nothing bad will happen to you!

If you love your kid, and stay with her even through the tough times, everything will be okay. I promise! The number one reason why kids want to commit suicide, gay or not, is because their parents don't care enough about them. Take it from me- Hug your kid more. Talk about important things to her more. Listen more.

You are a caring mom, as I've said before. I wish my mom cared this much about me sometimes.
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Also, human beings tend to

Also, human beings tend to have the unfortunate habit of growing up. This includes sexuality, sexual orientation, ect. It's part of the art of being human.

The "therapist" felt a need to disclose this information to you, breaching regular doctor-patient confidentiality. Normally, this is only done if the patient is considered dangerous (to the self or to others) or if there is evidence of child abuse. Your daughter being gay has thus been seen as dangerous and violent as these situations by the therapist. Do you see it?

So she's been made personally ashamed of her sexuality by this situation (even more directly than by western society - please consult the link I posted on your more recent journal) - she's probably not even thinking about sex right now.

If, at the age of fourteen, you were forced to say that you were heterosexual, and made to feel disgusted because of your attraction (NOT only sexual attraction, but emotional and romantic attraction) how would it make you feel?