Jenna Just Told Me Whats wrong :(

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Jenna came out of her room today and after being completely silent for a couple of hours she randomly burst into tears, before yesterday she hadn't cried like this for 3 years, she said its because nobody likes her anymore and she hates her life.

because she always gets bullied alot, E doesn't like girls anymore (i always thought she was phasing) & everyone hates her.

she was cuddling into me and crying her eyes out. and she slowly drifted to sleep in my arms and i just put her to her bed and let her sleep.

i'll go to the school about the bulling when it opens, i don't know what else to do though :(


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so this is going on, you need to be there for Jenna more than ever. Just always be open and welcome to her whenever she needs to talk. And reassure her that life isn't always going to be hellhole like that. Just stick with her as you have and insha'Allah she makes it through because of you. She will know you care.

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ive always been and always

ive always been and always will be there for Jenna when ever and what ever she needs me for. if she wants to talk ill listen very carefully but shes not very talkative

i just don't want her to be like this for long or lock herself in her room where she can stay for days for her own sake

also i don't know what you mean by "insha'allah"

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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It means hopefully.

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thank you

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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"If God wills it." However, in normal Arabic discourse the expression is most often employed when the outcome is dubious or unknown to man.