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I can't sleep.
I wrote that last post and sent the link to her. Now time can only tell.
I'm scared, and it's four in the morning. What if she tells or shows the post to others? I can't be outed like that. What would my -boyfriend- think?! He'd never trust me and leave me. I can't be alone.

And no, for the sake of someone holding on to me isn't the only reason, he and I are together... I'm truly in love with him. I mean we built a strong friendship up before we became something,

And how hellish is it that she confessed her love for me the day he asked me out... The non-existant gods totally suck for that.

I have Soccer at 12 and I have a feeling, I'm not gonna make it..l


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Hey, look on the bright side

Hey, look on the bright side man, two whole people confess their love for you on one day! That's gotta be a good day lol. And go to football - it always helps me let off steam and forget about things for a while whenever I feel like I don't want to go.

We must choose between what is right and what is easy. - J. K. Rowling

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Haha, I wish.

Total stressful day, actually.
It was just like an explosion to my mind.

Odds are, if I can get at least a toy bit of sleep, then I'll be good.
But odds are, I don't see myself falling asleep in the near future.

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My advice to you though

My advice to you though mate, if you know deep down that you are gay, tell him and hope that your honesty is enough to rebuild your friendship on. Because otherwise your lying to yourself and him. Especially if you like this other girl. It's what I wish I'd done, then at least I could still have him as a friend.

we must choose between what is right and what is easy. - J. K. Rowling

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Does he know about it? If you love him, maybe you should try talking to him about it. You don't need to mention her at all, just that you have thought about it. Does he seem to be the type that could accept it...?