Just a life update....

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My last semester of highschool is actually going fairly well... Okay, aside from me failing AP Computer Science... But, I have enough time to get that grade up before the AP exam in May.

I've actually been going out more lately 'cause all the GSA's in my area keep planning things. So having something to do every other weekend is nice.

(and being in a sea of gay isn't bad either) :)

I've met a few guys and whatnot, have a date next weekend. ^-^

On other notes I'm becoming increasingly more mad at one of my friends for her BLATANT STUPIDITY.

first you have this:

"Wishing I knew what to do. I don't know where to go and have no one to guide me. I'm watching my friends fade away only the ones who truly care stay close. I am finding out who my true friends are now. Is it just me or is everyone leaving... college, different states, in some cases countries. We are all finally getting to the freedom we want but we all are splitting ways and I worry about if we will remain friends. Things for me have not been going so well, wishing I could leave this all behind and get a break. If only I could take my trip to Germany, Ireland, New Zeland, and Italy this summer. It'd be a good way to go out of high school and something me and my friends need, a vacation...maybe one day though. How about just give me Momo con, I need to chill and my outlit is still two months away. Grrrr."

Okay, WE ARE BLOODY SENIORS. No shit that we are "drifting away" we are all thinking about college and I don't know? THE LIFE AHEAD OF US?
that is a part of it. We can't make promises that we know we can't keep.

and the second thing that REALLY has me going is that she is dating this guy WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND IN GERMANY. (Which she and the rest of us are aware of) like seriously, and not to mention "other" things that the two of them have been doing... x.x

I'm just going to go now before I start rambling....
I have a date to plan. ^^



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Sounds good for you,

but I got really weird déjà vu when I read the big quote paragraph. Really uncanny.
Also, I went to your profile. I don't think there are many gays at all who don't have at least a basic understanding of German. Even my sister's gay friend takes German in school.