Lymphnodes. Enough said.

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So today my friend is coming over so we can hang out, movies, games, reminicing, that sort of thing. I'm just going to wear my robe all day, and slippers (yes I will be wearing clothing under it). it was nice to wake up this cool morning and look out the window at the rising sun. I'm glad my room faces the East on days like this.

Other days I wish it would stay dark until 08:00. I've yet to have breakfast since I've had a pretty inactive morning. Perhaps I'll have cereal, toast and maybe a banana. Aside from that nothing's going on until my friend comes over. I know there was something I wanted to show him or tell him about but I can't remember.

Age 18, I can't remember shit anymore? lol no. It's just too early for the weekend. Goeie môre Oasians.


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I'm seeing a journal entry from 8 days in the future.

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My computer's calender was messed up.

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That's redick!