Man it felt good....

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To start swimming again this week. Now, I know swimmerguy will laugh at me when he hears that I can barely swim 150 yards continuously, without screwing up my breathing and strokes, but it feels damn good to be in a pool again.

Let me back up. The local pool is in real financial struggle. And for local college students, they used to allow free use of the pool facilities...

well, that ended this quarter. Kinda sucks, I know, but it is what it is. Whole state is hurting for money, and so is the local school district. So anyway, it was gonna cost me $45/month just to swim @ the local high school pool an unlimited amount, vs. $40 to join the new YMCA by my work, and have access to a pool, sauna, hot tub, free weights, resistance training, and a climbing wall...

So the Y won out....give me all the crap about the village people you want, I joined the Y. lol.

So yeah, starting to swim and work out again feels good...It's long overdue.

Drawback is, the other night I was testing my lifts to get a base of where I was, vs. Where I am now...and...I stressed my legs a little too much doing parallel squats. Long story short, I was sore as hell the next day when I went skiing.

I had two friends die this past weekend in avalanches here in the Northwest mtns. Well, one was really more a friend of a friend, or a casual aquaintance of mine, but it started off as a bad day.

Before I even heard about the avalanches, I was skiing terribly. Couldn't hold an edge in the snow, falling all over the place, and screwing up my arm. I went up with my 'friend' who gave me a free ticket, since he still has some bike parts of mine he owes me $ for, and we had a decent first two runs...

then everything fell apart. My blood sugar went low, I lost control, kept crashing, and even lost my board @ one point. Needless to say, I was probably this close to being kicked off the mountain for vulgar language and trying to fight people.

It was not a good day. Tired, sore, and beaten down, I trotted back to the parking lot, only to find some ass-hole californian wiht bald tires on his truck had sideswiped my car, and just left it parked like that. No witnesses, just some a-hole who left his insurance card, fortunately.

But still. Who drives to the mountains on bald tires and expired tabs by two years? Honestly.

Then when I got home, I got the news about chris and Karl. Such a HUGE Loss to the outdoor community! Karl was a friend of my friend phil, and a devoted father and friend. I barely knew him, but had many conversations with him over coffee at my old vice, the coffee/espresso store owned by my friend phil and his brothers.

Chris, on the other hand, i had the fortune of knowing for a few years. I met him probably two years ago @ a mountain bike race in eastern washington. The guy had such a passion for the mountain sports, and especially mountain biking and skiing. He was a major influence working with the state and the sierra club to open up some of the best trails accessible in the state.

The guy honestly devoted his life to the mountain, and to stevens pass resort. Such a rad dude, he will be missed.

Also, today marked the 7 year anniversary of my friend Miles' death. He had a major impact upon my life, and upon my small community. Life has never been the same with out him. RIP brotha! I may go up to lena lake with his brothers, old friends and family in his memory next weekend, but we will see what work allows.

For now, I need to go downstairs and focus on my studies, which I am dramatically failing in lately. No matter how hard I work or try, I am doomed to be a C student. I hate it, but it's true. Maybe my friend Galane is right, C's do get degrees. haha.

Later Guys.


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You can only swim 150 yards?

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at least you CAN swim

at least you CAN swim