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I've noticed that before my period, I fall into these disturbing bouts of depression. During my period, I'm pretty much fine. After my period, which is right now, I get extremely angry. At everything. If I see someone wearing hideous socks, I'm likely to begin an explosive rant about the importance of selecting decent socks, during which I am likely to foam at the mouth and use an unnecessary amount of expletives. Today I threw a shirt hanger at my cat because she wouldn't stop meowing at me while I was trying to pee. I also sent a two-page post-period-rage text to my best friend telling her what a horrible friend she is. I even became irritated with Brittany just because she has a boyfriend and doesn't display even the slightest hint to suggest that she might be bisexual. So unfair.

I just want to throw something fragile against a wall in a fit of womanly fury. I was in whiny mode all day. I just kept asking myself this one weird, illogical question: "Why can't I have the things I want?" What? What the fuck, brain? All day long, I went through that thought process. It was crazy. My whiny brat thoughts went something like this:

1) Amber (my best friend) is such a self-centered bitch. Why do I even talk to her? She's a selfish cunt. I just want a best friend who listens to me and appreciates me and actually shows that she cares. Fuck you Amber. Just go fuck yourself.

2) These people are all morons. Look at these asshole teenagers, with their Facebook and their weekend binge drinking and their shitty pop music and their booty shorts. Holy shit, I cannot stand another day surrounded by these ignorant fucks. They're all just so stupid.

3) Why is Brittany dating that asshole high school dropout? I don't know him personally, but I'm just going to label him an unworthy dick because he's dating the girl of my dreams. Brittany is being so unfair to me because she's not gay and she has zero romantic interest in me and she needs to pay more attention to me and she needs to collapse in my arms and declare her love for me RIGHT NOW because I'm about to go insane from the frustration.

4) This kid in front of me is walking so slowly I mean oh my god I bet his parents don't even love him.

5) Everything is just stupid. Everything just needs to crawl into a hole and die.

Isn't that horrible? But that's my thoughts for the day. Not to worry. This happens after every one of my periods and I know I'll get over it. That's pretty much all I wanted to say. All I know is that periods can completely twist your view of the world and you kinda have to get used to that.


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Damn..and there are hints of

Damn..and there are hints of truth in most, but I imagine a person could get pretty depressed thinking like that all the time. Hug* I hope it wears off soon. I always get really negative the first three days or so before I start mine, and I hate it. I think the mood changes decrease with age though.

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thinking like that,


Hearing that constantly


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No worries. It always does

No worries. It always does wear off only to return again next month. In fact it already has stopped, at least a little bit. I had a really awesome day today, so that really compensates for yesterday :P

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I always get cramps a week

I always get cramps a week before and during and just get really cranky. But no one notices cause I always act sarcastic and snarky anyway. :( Get better soon!

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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For some odd reason the

For some odd reason the cramps and crankiness only occur for me before and after. During I'm pretty much fine, just a bit more tired than usual. Haha, yeah I'm the same way. I'm extremely sarcastic so nobody can tell whether it's vicious, period sarcasm or normal Jenna sarcasm.