new neighbours & other things

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a gay couple just moved into the house down the road there names are Mohammad & Jesus you do not know the feeling of trying to hold in the laugh at there names. they have a little girl called Holly or is it Hollie? they some alright so far the odd thing is that Jesus looks like Jesus, dam so many gay jesus jokes i could tell, buts hes american and so far hates dark humor.
there a mixed race couple Jesus Prefers the 100 metre and Mohammad's Pakistani. XD
Hollie seemed like a nice little girl shes a few years younger than Jenna is. yet another couple that think im Jennas Mother............................
they didn't seem to like AJ much i asked why

there answer was AJ was a paedophiliac sex offender. shes not really a paedophile its just that AJ's older than me by about 5 months and back when we were younger was one of the times me & AJ had sex so she was 16 and i was 15 during that time, why is that considered paedophilia a few months before my 16th birthday shouldn't really be paedophillia, could be worse back in high school a guy got arrested for paedophillia on the day after his 16th birthday because his girlfriend whos birthday was a week later had sex with him for his birthday present. meh the police didn't remove the dot so my uncle hacked there severs and took it down...twice and used his connections to keep it down.

and you now how i said its me AJ and 6 of our friends mostly yeah i haven't mentioned that there was once a 9th girl, Sunny, she killed herself when she was 14 and it would have been her 19th birthday tomorrow so ill do a special journal tommorow about her.