no poem either but good news again

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i just had the first good dream ive had in over a year it was beautiful i forgot what beauty was, the good voices treated me :')
the evil voices are gone and shall not be back no mercy was shown, the good voices didn't see or hear a thing :)

i came out to my best friend today, he took it really well like it wasn't important or something that would change me, i only fear that he was joking but i doubt it.
i think ill just be blunt to the rest my friends about my sexuality when i come out since it worked out well with the 2 Ive already came out to.

i think that i should learn to swim yeah i dont know how :L, i need to lose weight plus it would be a more effective way to combat my aqua-phobia

i also have come to the conclusion that eventually i want to come out to all of my fathers side as they seem like they would accept it very well and nobody from my mothers side (including my little brother) full of ignorants :(

lastly i want to tell someone in my family so i picked my cousin Josh hes such a joyous person i cant possibly see him taking it bad but i can't see him normally for a massive amount of reasons so by letter or e-mail how does this sound?:

Josh Ive got something very important to tell you i don't now how to say this easily, but here it goes, Josh im bisexual, ive known for a long time now and accepted it a while back and im starting to feel proud about it. i have always been and always will be bi, i hope you will understand that it is difficult for me to tell you this but its the truth, i hope you understand that i will never change and this is just who i am, and i hope that this will change nothing between us.

this isn't a big part of my personality and wont change me, i hope you understand Josh

but i have to ask that you don't tell anyone, please

EDIT: just came out to 2 more friends they took it very well, things are starting to look up for me


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That sounds like a good way

That sounds like a good way to come out! Be prepared with answers to any of Josh's questions, too, though.
I have a similar situatuion, but reversed. My dad's side is religious and my mom's has all sorts of different sexualities, lifestyles, etc. so it would be easier to come out to them. In fact, oddly enough, I have a relative on that side who is gay and I THINK his name is Josh, too!

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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im ready

what coincidence but i know josh is straight