no poem for today, but news everywhere

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but the evil voices are nearly all gone :) but begging for mercy wonder if i should give them any they never gave me any but i want to be better than them i don't know yet. actually what do you think i should do?

you know whats odd? the fact that i came out to what the good voices said was a friend and told him i was bi he took it really well like he knew it wouldn't change our friendship or me, but yet it seems harder to come out to my other friends not even my best friend, odd right?

Ive also decided to never ever ever come out to my family they would just have ANOTHER reason to hate me like they don't already.

stupid school's given me too much WORK since the final exams are coming up in March & April they expect us to study but they give us constant essays and investigations at least we got to choose what we wanted, picked Alexander the great for classics, picked roman medicine for Latin, picked a review for English etc.

worst is chemistry so few people picked it so all they were was so few people picked it 2 years ago they all got put in Credit classes :L too dam hard.

i hate my school so much mostly because of the people in it. the school itself is one of the highest rated high schools in one of the highest rated nations for education. a majority of people are twats i guess :L at least im never alone.

my little rant. wow does make me feel a little better :).


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I say the evil voices get no mercy. Just make more room for the good ones.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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i will make sure the good voices do not see it though