Ow. Heteronormativity hurts.

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I was working in a group with Brad today and this girl who always talks with him touched his hair and commented on how soft it is, then told me that only girls are allowed to do that. Later, while we were talking about hair, I mentioned a friend who has very soft hair and some other guy who has very sexy hair. She and Brad told me not to say that stuff about guys.
That made me depressed for the next four periods (as I was cheered up by my friends at lunch, who include the guy with soft hair and the guy with sexy hair). Of course, when asked about why I was upset, I said that I was just bored.
Anyway, I'll just try to avoid Brad from now on. Hopefully I won't have a crush on him any more and I won't remember who he is next year. I really hope I don't have a class with him then.
Well, I'll try my best to hate Brad. I'll let you know how that goes.


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ouch, man thats bad i used to have a friend like that we all forgot her too but sorry mate hope the wounds heal quickly
do the guys with the sexy & soft hair know your gay?
i mean if you want to be proper friends with them you have to open up (not necessarily come out) but you know tell them your problems

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies

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my friend has told me that either she or another friend has told Soft Hair (though she couldn't remember who), but I don't really believe her because it doesn't seem like he knows. I don't know...
And I'm not that close to the guy with the sexy hair. I don't even really like him. I think you would like his hair, though. It's down to his neck and it's dyed a bunch of colors, mostly red and purple.

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And... in those colors...

...there must be a coded message.

Have you decoded it yet?

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I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't think there's a code.

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So... it's not a code!

But isn't there a message other than, "Hey, look at me!"?

OK... out with it: Is he gay?

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He is the most heterosexual person I know.

Today he was talking about a girlfriend who he's had sex with a lot.

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You believe him? Never trust a braggart!

But since he doesn't interest you... let's just drop it.


Will socialist ever come back? He's missed.

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I don't think he's gay.

He once made a big deal about having a conversation with a gay person. (He obviously doesn't know that he does every day.)
And I did think he might be lying. Other stories of is include having mixed liquor shots with his friends and smoking marijuana, although, unfortunately, none of these are at all far-fetched at my school.