Ramble, Part II.

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I ordered a Teen Titans T-shirt on Amazon a week ago, and it still hasn't come yet. Luckily I am very patient, and Teen Titans is worth waiting for. Anybody else ever watch that show? Oh man, that show was my childhood. I was obsessed. I loved Raven because she was all dark and mysterious and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Brittany told me today that she smokes pot frequently. When I told her I do as well, though not nearly as often, she was SO shocked. She said I don't seem like that kind of person. Then she suggested that we smoke together some time. Um, FUCK YES I WILL GET HIGH WITH YOU. So awesome. I hope she follows through on her offer, even though I'd be nervous as hell.

I told one of my friends about my crush on Brittany today, which is pretty much me coming out. She didn't have that much of a reaction. At all. I don't know whether I should be relieved or pissed off.

I bowled in a tournament this weekend. I'm competing for a scholarship. I think I did pretty well. My scores were 155, 141, 179, and 196, and my average is a 145, so not bad at all, I'd say. The trip to the tournament was quite an experience though. My grandparents' GPS was somehow ahead of us so it offered zero help. So I had to read an actual map like some kind of prehistoric cavewoman. I'm not the best navigator, so we kinda got lost a couple times. Hehe.

I emailed my sixth grade teacher a week ago, after we stopped emailing again for awhile, and I haven't heard anything back yet. I suppose she's just swamped, what with having two jobs and all. Still, it would be great to hear from her soon. I need some more adult guidance, a great adult role model that I can turn to.

Did you guys hear the news? Apparently a year from now there will be no more air space for technology that requires satellites, so the internet and our cell phones will become a lot slower. Supposedly the frequencies will crisscross because there are so many being used in America, and that's what will slow down everything. How did nobody see this coming? I have an idea. Let's rent air space from Canada. Put America in even more debt so we can have faster cell phone service. Cuz here in 'Merica, we got our priorities straight.

Shit. I was gonna say more stuff. I forgot. Oh well.


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I loved Teen Titans! LOOOOOVED! Like, I really cannot even accurately express the magnitude of my love for that cartoon. It was my favorite ever in the universe when I was like 10. Raven was my favorite too. She was a badass.

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I really wanna know why the

I really wanna know why the hell they cancelled it. It was a such an awesome show! My least favorite was Robin. That little midget asshole, bossing everybody around. He doesn't even have any cool powers! Just these lame sidekick gadgets. I hated him throughout the entire series XD

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i had a crush

on raven :3

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Me too! I find it odd that I

Me too! I find it odd that I can develop crushes on cartoon characters. I had a crush on Starfire too :P

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but i find it odder that i haven't had a crush on a human :P

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Maybe if our tech becomes

Maybe if our tech becomes slower, people will rely on it less. I'd like to see that.

..I hope she follows through soon, too! That could be interesting...to shotgun;) That's ALMOST kissing!
Also, good luck with that scholarship!

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I'm not sure if the whole

I'm not sure if the whole technology thing is true or not. I think right now it's just a rumor. But yes, I think it would teach us a lesson on how overdependent we are on technology.

I'm so shocked that she smokes! She's just the most innocent creature I have ever met in my entire life. But yeah, I'm hopeful. And thanks. I think I have a fair shot at winning it.