Ramble, Part III

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Anybody ever wonder how kissing started? What was the first kiss like? Who came up with the idea of showing affection by pressing mouths together? Come to think of it, who invented hugs? Just something weird to consider.

I am no longer talking to Amber, my former best friend. I just think if I could let go of our long and painful history, I could continue with my life and maybe be a bit happier. And I don't think I can let go as long as she's around to disappoint me and let me down. It's surprising, because I harbor no hatred or ill will towards her...in fact, I really do wish her the best, even though she pisses me off a lot. I just think she makes poor decisions, and I hope she does some soul searching and realizes her flaws. I just think it's best not to talk to her anymore.

I talked to my school counselor about majoring in creative writing. Turns out my major doesn't necessarily determine my career...I could get into a wide variety of careers with a creative writing major, even if the career isn't directly related to my major. Just the fact that I have a college degree at all would make me eligible for a good career while I work on my novels. So that's a relief. I think I need a minor too. Probably psychology. I dunno.

So, my dad promised to take me to an antique store tomorrow. I hope he doesn't break his promise. I really wanna see cool old stuff. Has anybody ever watched Oddities on the Science channel? It's about this little oddities shop called Obscura, which sells the weirdest, most awesome stuff ever. I cannot even explain what they have there. Like, in one episode, they sold a lady a stuffed albino deer. And they sold another lady a monkey skeleton in a mini race car. They have preserved two-headed pigs, lockets hand-made from human teeth, etc. So awesome. I love antique stores, but I really wanna go to an oddities store. Unfortunately there aren't any around here...

Brittany actually ran up next to me in the hall today and told me my sarcastic, witty editorial in the school paper made her laugh so hard she cried. Infinite happiness. Really I just wanna text her and ask her to hang out with me this weekend. But she has a lot of friends and acquaintances. I'm sure people are waiting in line just to spend time with her.

And I have no idea what we'd do. I'm not so sure I wanna smoke pot with her anymore. I mean it'd be fun and all, but...I dunno. Being sober would be nice too. And it's not like I smoke pot ALL THE TIME. In fact, I haven't smoked in about a year. And I've only smoked four times. But she doesn't know that. I really have little experience with it. I'd make a complete and utter fool out of myself.

I still really wish my mom would bring up the topic of sexuality again. It's bugging me that she's not asking more questions. Guess I'll have to be patient.


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Is there a reason you can't

Is there a reason you can't bring up the subject with your mum yourself?

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Well, I really don't know

Well, I really don't know how I'd bring it up, what to say. Really all I want to do is be able to come home from school and ramble to her about Brittany, and just have her listen to me and be all "Aw Jenna, that's so cute!" But I just don't know. Maybe I'll bring it up myself soon. I just want her to ask questions.

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You know, maybe your mom

You know, maybe your mom wants to ask you but she feels awkward about it. You could ask her if she has any queries or if she wants to know anything. And that you are ready to talk...
You can take it from there, maybe.
Haha, I've wondered about the kissing thing myself. Did someone think..hmm, I need to show them I love them. I have no words. Words! Where do they come from? Mouth. That's it !! *Kiss*

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I think I'll just randomly

I think I'll just randomly start talking about my crush to her and see what her reaction is. She always told me that I could talk to her about anything. So bringing up Brittany may lead to some questions which may lead to some informative answers which may lead to some understanding which may lead to a better relationship.

You know, Eskimos "kiss" by rubbing their noses together. So maybe kisses aren't a universal thing, maybe it's a cultural thing. Different cultures probably show affection in different ways. I wonder how it all began...perhaps Google will be of assistance?

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kissing started as "ah who can i get this person to shut up and not be rude" way