Signs of Life

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Wow, that is one crazy fucker of a dad.

I mean, obviously, he does have a point, a good one. I mean, I had was doing group work today in German, and there was this bitch there, and she started telling all of us her life's problems, like how she fell on the stairs and hurt her elbow, she kept saying how her elbow hurt, and she was like why does life have to be so hard?.
And I was like Bitch PLEASE, I could claim my life to be many things, unfulfilling perhaps, I could complain about that and possibly make a case for it, but hard is one of the last words I'd be able to use.
Frankly, I wish I had more work to do, my mom doesn't have a job, she hasn't for years, and so all the business of the house kinda gets taken care of by her, since she's around the house all day, and I'm not.
I mean, if I asked for chores, I'd be very unlikely to get them.

So that daughter chick obviously is a total bitch and deserves shit, and lots of it, for being such a bitch.
However, one, to be pissed off at your children for using profanity, I mean, come now. At high school, it's a cess pool of profanity, you kinda have to get used to it or end up being uncomfortable all the time. And of course it's fun, me and my friends come up with new things, like someone called me a cock knuckle, and then I said I hope you get fucking buttfucked in the face by a pair of hairy ballsacks.
:P ain't that fun?

Well, and 2, I'm always wary when thinking of crime and punishment, that I think it's important to stay practical, rather than vindictive. For example, 3 strikes laws and shit, yes, it feels good to be like you had your chance, now you're going to life in prison, but it really don't help anything, it gets people life in prison for petty theft, and costs the state shit money.
And I think people get too vindictive about their punishments, case in point the death penalty, what I've found the most impractical, vindictive thing ever thought up.


Um, not much interesting has been happening. Um, CAG today, I haven't mentioned him in a while, half of you probably don't even know who he is, he's Cute Asian Guy, or the guy I'm like 95% sure is gay and yeah, seems to be constantly sort of low-key flirting.
So, today, I did one of my things where I run up behind someone and kick their backpack, and then he grabbed my foot and dragged it down the hall so I had to hop really fast on one foot, then I fell down, it was fun :P

And, we had an interesting sub today, in World History. He like told us his life story, how his grandparents came from Russia to Europe, then across the Canada, then south down here, and then he said that he'd "changed the world" by becoming a nuclear physicist with the US government, helping create a secret organization that keeps tabs on all nuclear activity in the world. (one interesting thing he said was that, after nuclear tests are done, radiation from them get into literally everything, like he said there was radiation in the whole building, in everything in the building, tiny amounts, not enough to really harm you, but spread over the entire world.)
So yeah, and he was wearing an American Flag tie and he said he was a Christian, so I'd like bet a lot of money he's a Republican...

Anyway, I can't really think of anything else, so see ya guys :P


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cool father right there! I wonder how his daughter took the screwed up notebook. :-O
A reaction video of that would've been priceless.

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That video was awesome!

Sometimes I feel like my parents would do that about the shit I write, but my parents actually do treat me pretty crappy sometimes.

Like I love my parents, but sometimes the things they do are just out of their power, instead of my good will, and that's when I usually get pissed and post angry things.
That's redick!