So Marriage...

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Is almost legalized. we are about to become the 7th state in the nation to legalize it...just has to go to greggo's desk monday, then it is official.

Got to admit, I am a bit torn on the issue. Under the state's anything but marriage law, that has been on the books for the past three years, a few friends I know who are in domestic partnerships may be getting the shaft.

For example. Rob and Jamie have been together for about 10 years, they got into a domestic partnership last year. Mainly for the life and death benefits, and stuff like that.

But now, under the new law, if it passes, they are going to be required to marry, or, end their relationship before a certain time as determined by law. Rob doesn't necessarily want to marry jamie, so we will see what happens.

While I am excited for gay couples I know in the state who will for sure get married, it is also stressful to know that the conservatives who oppose the law, who are plenty on the other side of the cascade mtns, only need to gather 120,000 signatures to get their initiative against legalization of same-sex marriage on the ballot. and I know more than likely, they will meet that.

the senate vote last week was decidedly close, at 21-28, and the house wasn't that far off either, at 55-43. The house approved it by a larger margin, but not much.

At least we know Chris Gregoire will sign off on it next week. But it is entirely possible that if republicans like Bill Bryant and Rob McKenna take over in a few months, dire changes may come quickly, and it may even be taken to the federal level.

What are your guys' opinions? Honestly, I never thought I would even see gay marriage passed during my lifetime growing up. Never thought I would see a black guy elected president, either.

I guess the mood of the country that is usually divided on so many issues can change at a lot faster pace than we believe as children. During the late 80's and early 90's, the events of the past few years would have been unthinkable.

Being gay was a lifestyle 'choice' that people made to isolate themselves; black people could not think intellectually or be in positions of political importance; now we have Condi and Obama, Herman Cain, etc.

IDK, we have come a long way, But I feel like there is a ways to go yet.

I also get frequently annoyed with all these people I knew in high school, who I see posting shit on facebook, GSA's at school, and other events that get on the human rights and gay rights bandwagon because it is the popular thing to do, not because they believe in it. IDk.

I feel like, for women especially, having gay friends is the new best social norm as it were. True, where I live, the majority of people are judgemental, ignorant bible-thumping rednecks, but idk...Some people truly believe in gay rights, but many don't.


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My only opinion on this

My only opinion on this is... I don't want these marriage bills to pass so I have a excuse not to marry someone. That way I don't have to seek out anyone who specifically is like me and doesn't want to get married... they just won't have a choice like I won't so it will be a non issue. That is why if shit like this passes then I will have to worry about this bull crap. Marriage is just a stupid excuse to possiably lose half my stuff over the other person being a tratior... (becuase no matter how bad things get you wouldn't see me signing divorce paper, even if the other person was threating to kill me) and frankly that is all it will ever repersent to me... so boo for this happening :(

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My view on marriage is: domestic partnership/civil union/whatever you want to call it for everyone, leave marriage, gay, straight, polygamous, or whatever (so long as it be between consenting adults), to the religious leaders and other things that aren't the government.

I heard that California's Proposition 8 has just been ruled unconstitutional by... somebody... and I don't really understand how that works, because everyone seems to think that this only applies to California - but Proposition 8 was as legal and constitutional as it could possibly be; the only way to overrule it (except for the people of California voting again) would be to rule all marriage discrimination in all states unconstitutional, wouldn't it?

And I think that the government is trying to make change and progress faster than the people are really ready for it. Being the government, it generally doesn't succeed, but even so. The people of California voted Proposition 8 into the California constitution, so, it'll be at least a few years before the people of California are ready, and all we can do is wait and work on helping them get ready.

Heheheh, I'm probably one of the most pro-8 queers around.

Anyway, sorry to focus so much on my own state when this topic was more about Washington...

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i think that the same thing that is happening in california

With proposition 8, will just as likely happen here in my own state. I also agree with you, that politicians do seem to be moving @ the speed of light on progressive issues such as this one, and there may be many repercussions of such quick changes to legislation.

that being said, the marriage bill is a HUGE step forward for this state, and it is awesome to see. I grew up thinking it would NEVER even be a possibility for me, watching lots of discrimination and hate rallies in my own state and oregon on PFLAG broadcasts as a teen, late at night, thinking it would never happen here. Now it looks as if it will.
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slightly off-topic

A couple of days after the marriage thing went through, I went to see my rather conservative grandparents. They made a comment about my future husband coming to this thing they're planning to do in 18 years (long story)...anyway, it was nice to be able to think "..or wife!" Go marriage equality!

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it's ok. It's funny how some conservatives are reacting, but it totally makes sense to me! go progress!

and also, prop 8 was determined to be unconstitutional in california, so we are getting there! Slowly but surely, the US is getting there!

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