So yeah...

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I just noticed how messed up my room looks sometimes. There's a Banjo right next to a miniature rebel flag, not mention other weird juxtaposes. So anway, I got a belt buckle, it was my Grandfather's. I wonder how he and my Grandmother are enjoying paradise. Sometimes I wonder what it's like, I bet it's absolutely amazing. Well moving on to something else.

Pizza dipped in ranch sauce. Amazing. 'Nuff said.


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All of your journals have that title

and why do you have a rebel flag?

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you were expecting?...

And it's nice to have historical artifacts ;-Đ

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i have a scottish flag

its considered rebellious in england but an english flag been waving in public is a good way to shot in scotland

i have a belt buckle that was my great granddads from the first world war

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I would never try to have a rebel flag flying in Washington! Just like your Scottish flag. lol

Nice momento I bet, cherrish that belt buckle.

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haha XD

i cherrish it he survived the war, it has a pistol bullet stuck in it from the battle of the Somme and a knife chip from the same battle

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One guy got pulled out of his car and was beaten by a black guy

because he had the rebel flag on his car. He got what he deserved. And in the area where I live, rebel flags are more common than the U.S. flag. People have hats with the rebel flag on it. There are a lot of black areas in and around D.C., though, so yeah, don't wave the rebel flag there.